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Who Plays Twig In The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart? Meet Leah Purcell

In “The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart,” the character Twig is the other half of June’s life, managing the wildflower haven called Thornfield. She’s not only a mother to their adopted child, Candy, but also a part of a team that includes two other women affectionately called “flowers.” The role of Twig in The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart is portrayed by Leah Purcell.

Meet Leah Purcell as Twig In The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

Leah Purcell as Twig In The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart
Source: The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, Amazon Studios

Born on August 14, 1970, in Murgon, Queensland, Leah Maree Purcell AM is a multifaceted Aboriginal Australian artist. She’s an actress on stage and screen, a playwright, a director, and even a novelist. With a mixed heritage of Aboriginal (Goa–Gunggari–Wakka Wakka Murri) and white Australian, she was the youngest among seven siblings. Her father, a butcher and boxing trainer, played a significant role in her upbringing.

Personal Life

Leah shares a deep connection with Bain Stewart, her partner in both love and business, through Oombarra Productions. A mother and grandmother, Leah views Stewart as a blessing, a rock that has supported her during challenging times.

Social Media

Leah’s love for her daily life, especially her dog Odi, shines through her Instagram account, followed by over 50,000 people. She’s also present on Twitter, which has nearly 6,000 followers.


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Career, Movies, And TV Series

Leah’s acting journey began in 1999 with Paul Fenech’s Somewhere in the Darkness. Her talent led her to roles in films like Lantana, Somersault, The Proposition, and Jindabyne. Her television career is equally impressive, with standout roles in series like Police Rescue, Fallen Angels, Redfern Now, Janet King, and her widely recognized performance as Rita Connors in Wentworth.

Her work has earned her accolades, including an AACTA Award. In a special moment in June 2022, Leah was celebrated with a star on Winton’s Walk of Fame, unveiled at The Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival.


Though acting is her most recognized talent, music has been a vital part of Leah’s life. A gifted singer, she was once part of a band, and her singing prowess has often intertwined with her acting, thanks to her theater background.

A Talented Writer

Leah’s creativity doesn’t stop at acting and singing; she’s also a playwright. She has penned several plays, often performing in them herself. One of her notable works, The Drover’s Wife, was transformed into a novel. Her writing talent was recognized with the Balnaves Fellowship in 2014, aiding her in developing her play to be performed at the Belvoir in 2016. Her multifaceted talents paint a vivid picture of a woman deeply connected to her art and her community.