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Who Plays Jim Chee In Dark Winds? Meet Kiowa Gordon

Jim Chee is a character whose mission to solve a double homicide takes center stage as he collaborates with Joe Leaphorn. Deeply entwined with his culture’s traditions, Chee’s primary objective is ensuring the safety of his community. While he may appear more introverted compared to Joe Leaphorn, his introspective and analytical nature shines through.

As the series enters its second season, Chee transitions into the role of a private investigator, maintaining the intricate nuances of his personality. The portrayal of Jim Chee comes alive through Kiowa Gordon’s performance.

Meet Kiowa Gordon As Jim Chee In Dark Winds

Kiowa Gordon As Jim Chee In Dark Winds
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Born in Berlin on March 25, 1990, Kiowa Joseph Gordon is an American actor with Hualapai roots. His father, Thomas, was a mechanical engineer in Germany at the time of his birth.

Kiowa is the seventh of eight children in his family. His mother, Camille Nighthorse Gordon, also pursues acting. His heritage is deeply tied to the Hualapai Native American ancestry, connecting him to the Northern Arizona tribe of the Hualapai people.


Kiowa’s educational journey began at Cactus Shadows High School, located in Cave Creek, Arizona. He also immersed himself in the beliefs of the LDS Church for a period.

Personal Life

While not married, Kiowa Gordon enjoys a private relationship with his girlfriend but prefers to avoid public discussions. He’s a devoted single father to his daughter Kaili, whose birth brought joy to his life on August 8, 2013.


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Career, Movies, TV

Among the roles that have made Kiowa Gordon famous, the part of shapeshifter Embry Call in The Twilight Saga and Junior in The Red Road are highlighted.

Opportunities have arisen and fallen; for example, the once-proposed American film Into The Darkness, where he was set to play Brad, never saw the light of day. Nevertheless, roles like Jake Kingston in the 2014 thriller Wind Walkers, a tale rooted in Native American legend, and a starring part in An Act of War (2015) on Netflix continue to showcase his talent.

In the recently renewed psychological thriller television series on AMC, Dark Winds, Kiowa was cast as Jim Chee. The series premiered on June 12, 2022, and fans were thrilled to hear of its renewal for a second season.

What Is Kiowa Gordon’s Net Worth?

As things stand, his net worth is thought to be around the impressive mark of $8 million.