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Who Plays Constance Papadopoulos In Minx? Meet Elizabeth Perkins

Constance Papadopoulos, portrayed with a touch of boldness and intrigue, is more than just a character. She’s a portrait of confidence mixed with intricate complexity. Once a part of the shipping empire and now a well-off widow, she dives back into the corporate world, presenting a captivating proposal to Bottom Dollar Publications. Constance’s essence is crafted through intricate layers, embracing not only sexual freedom but also a sharp mind for business. The character is portrayed by Elizabeth Perkins, check out some facts about her below!

Meet Elizabeth Perkins As Constance Papadopoulos In Minx

Elizabeth Perkins As Constance Papadopoulos In Minx
Source: Minx, HBO Max

Born in Queens, New York City, on November 18, 1960, Elizabeth Ann Perkins had a unique family background. Her dad, James, wore many hats as a farmer, businessman, and writer. Her mom, Jo, was talented in her own right as a concert pianist and drug treatment counselor. With two older sisters, Elizabeth’s early life took a turn when her parents divorced in 1963. From then on, the sisters were nurtured at their grandmother’s home on their mother’s side.


Elizabeth Ann Perkins studied at the Goodman School of Drama, part of DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. She then attained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, focusing on Acting. Following her time at university, she packed her bags and headed to New York City, eager to dive into her professional acting career.

Personal Life

Love found Perkins twice, first with actor Terry Kinney, whom she married in 1984 but divorced four years later. She then tied the knot with cinematographer Julio Macat and embraced motherhood to his three sons and her daughter Hannah Jo Phillips. Perkins’ love for animals is evident in her affection for her two dogs, Buster and Lulu.


Elizabeth Perkins began her acting journey in 1984, stepping onto the Broadway stage in Neil Simon’s ‘Brighton Beach Memoirs.’ Her acting prowess was soon recognized, with roles in the film “About Last Night” and the TV series “Weeds,” etching her name in Hollywood. Perkins’ talents continued to shine, with remarkable roles in series like “Sharp Objects” and “GLOW,” and recently in HBO Max’s project, Minx, where she plays Constance Papadopoulos.


Perkins’ performances have earned her accolades and nominations, including a Golden Globe for her role in “Big” and an Emmy nomination for the TV movie “For Their Own Good.”

Perkins Is Also An Activist, Environmentalist

Perkins supports the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and has been actively involved in charity events. Her dedication to the environment is reflected in her collaboration with the American Cancer Society and the Children’s Defense Fund and her position on the board of directors for the Environmental Media Association. Her efforts with the Natural Resources Defense Council further emphasize her commitment to making a difference in the world.