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What We Do in the Shadows Season 5 Episode 9 Preview: 3 Things To Notice

The previous installment of “What We Do in the Shadows” Season 5, “The Roast,” took viewers on an exciting journey filled with laughter, surprises, and a whirlwind of emotions. As we eagerly await Episode 9, the excitement in the air is almost tangible. This piece aims to look back at the recent episode and explore what might be in store for the next one. Check out the preview of What We Do in the Shadows Season 5 Episode 9 below!

Look Back: “The Roast”

The episode titled “The Roast” brought chaos to the Vampire Residence, all thanks to Laszlo (Matt Berry)’s unexplainable gloom. Various household members blamed different factors, from Nadja (Natasia Demetriou)’s curse to Guillermo (Harvey Guillén)’s gradual transformation into a vampire. The plot thickened when The Guide revealed secrets to Baron Afanas (Doug Jones), leading to a heated and tumultuous face-off.

Guillermo’s Van Helsing heritage and his accidental scorching of Afanas in the first episode became central themes. The episode concluded with lingering uncertainty, particularly regarding Guillermo’s future and his connection with Nandor.

What We Do in the Shadows Season 5 Episode 9 Preview

What We Do in the Shadows Season 5 Episode 9 Preview
Source: What We Do in the Shadows, FX Networks

Episode 9 is shaping up to be a crucial one, especially considering the unresolved mysteries and secrets from “The Roast.” Guillermo’s Van Helsing ancestry has been like a time bomb waiting to explode, and it seems likely that the secret will finally come out to Nandor.

This could spark a chain of events, possibly culminating in a showdown between Guillermo and Baron Afanas, who is already aware of Guillermo’s secret and is seething with anger.  Laszlo’s enigmatic mental condition might be further unraveled, possibly uncovering a more profound, sinister reason for his malaise that connects with the season’s broader storyline.

The Guide’s waning influence in the vampire household might reach a critical juncture, compelling her to take extreme measures that could either enhance her standing or turn her into an unpredictable factor in the unfolding drama. Moreover, the relationship between Nadja and Nandor might see substantial shifts, especially in light of their unspoken worries about their romantic lives, subtly alluded to in the last episode.

3 Things to Consider

  • Guillermo’s Secret Revelation: The suspense surrounding Guillermo’s Van Helsing lineage is intensifying. Will he confess, or will someone else let the cat out of the bag? What implications will this have on his relationship with Nandor and his place among the vampires?
  • Baron Afanas’ Strategy: After being scorched by Guillermo and learning of his Van Helsing lineage, what will Baron Afanas do next? Will he pursue vengeance, or might he turn into an unforeseen ally in a broader battle?
  • The Guide’s Ambitious Move: Her declining role in the household hints that she may resort to drastic actions to reclaim her position. Could she possibly join forces with an outsider or disclose vital information that alters the course of events?

Release Date & Where to Watch

Get ready for Episode 9 of “What We Do in the Shadows” Season 5, scheduled to air at 10 p.m. ET/PT on August 31, 2023. You can catch it on FX.