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What We Do In the Shadows Season 5 Episode 4 Recap

What We Do in the Shadows Season 5 Episode 4, with the fitting title ‘The Campaign,’ continues to present an ironic twist as the show only gets better and better. It builds upon its already successful formula by introducing even more unexpected twists, turns, and laugh-out-loud moments that keep viewers engaged.

What Happened In What We Do In the Shadows Season 5 Episode 4?

What We Do In the Shadows Season 5 Episode 4 Recap
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The episode opens with Neighbor Sean having to step down from his run for Comptroller of Staten Island, which opens the door for an eager Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch) to jump in as his replacement candidate.

Nandor, who’s feeling lonely and increasingly perplexed by Guillermo’s secret and elusive behavior, begins to spend more time at the gym. There, he not only makes a new friend but also, in a manner that’s very typical of Nandor’s personality, chooses to fully immerse himself in his new friend’s cultural customs, only to inadvertently alienate him before their relationship can truly flourish.

Nandor’s feeling is left out as Guillermo (Harvey Guillén) pulls away. He tries to find new ways to connect, while Colin Robinson finds an opportunity that might be too big for his boots. Along the way, Laszlo’s trying to figure out why Nadja’s so interested in her roots, and this sets up an episode full of surprises and laughs. Remember Sean Rinaldi, who wanted to be in charge at Staten Island’s money office?

He had to quit because of some drinking and driving mess. Now, Colin Robinson’s taking his place. He’s bragging about how clean his record is, but his opponent, Barbara, calls him out for not having the right experience. What’s funny is, Colin doesn’t really want the job; he just wants to suck energy from people during debates. Colin’s going for the election, so he gets back with his ex, Evie, who’s also an energy vampire.

They used to date, and she’d always suck the emotions out of people, Colin included. During a debate, he interrupts Barbara, using Evie’s powers to mess with the crowd, calling Barbara’s ideas wild. But he still thinks he won’t get any votes. Things get weird when Colin and Evie get kidnapped by some guys in masks. They’re taken to energy vampire bosses, who can’t even figure out their phones. The main guy shares some boring quotes, telling Colin to take things seriously. It’s so boring that Colin gives in and decides to try for real.

Nandor starts to see that Guillermo’s avoiding him. It’s because Guillermo’s confused about being a vampire. Nandor doesn’t get it and looks for a new buddy to make Guillermo jealous. At the gym, he meets Alexander, helps him lift weights, and finds out he’s Jewish. He’s all, ‘Look, I’ve got a Jewish friend,’ but his over-the-top attempts to fit in just make things awkward. Nandor’s pumped about his new friend but messes things up. He even asks Guillermo to perform a circumcision, saying Guillermo’s not like him.

Meanwhile, Nadja’s loves her roots in Little Antipaxons, and Laszlo’s trying to impress her family, which is pretty funny. Things keep going wrong: Nandor scares Alexander away, Laszlo’s silly mistakes are forgiven, and Colin’s political dreams crash. In the end, Nadja (Natasia Demetriou) and Laszlo (Matt Berry) get closer, Colin’s lonely again, and Nandor loses his new friend.

The episode’s a wild mix of storylines and characters, all wrapped up in funny moments that keep you entertained. Whether it’s Nandor trying too hard to make friends, Colin’s sneaky politics, or Nadja and Laszlo’s adventures in culture, ‘The Campaign’ is a blast to watch.

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