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Who Is Waz Addy From Naked And Afraid?

Waz Addy, a rugby player and military veteran, is showcasing his survival skills and determination in the challenging terrain of South Africa’s Oribi Gorge on the TV show ‘Naked and Afraid; One Standing.’

About Waz Addy From Naked And Afraid

Waz Addy From Naked And Afraid
Source: Naked And Afraid, Discovery

Waz Addy was born in Sydney, Australia, on January 22, 1981. Growing up with a passion for rugby, he eventually pursued it professionally in his home country. Additionally, he served in the military for some time. From Kansas City, Missouri, Waz was raised by his parents.

Standing 6 feet tall, Waz Addy’s physical capabilities are enhanced by his stature. This gives him an advantage when facing survival challenges.


Waz Addy comes from a knit family. He hails from Sydney, Australia. Has three sisters named Peta Addy, Sara Judd, and Chelsea.

Personal Life

Waz is engaged to Laura King, who works as a transaction coordinator. The couple has been together since at least 2022 and frequently shares affectionate photos and messages on social media platforms. From his marriage to Jordana Addy, Waz has two children named Baylee Grace Addy and Tayla Mae Addy. Although they separated in 2019, they have maintained terms for the sake of their children.


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Waz has had an exciting career that has spanned fields from sports to television. He started his rugby journey in his home country of Australia, playing for teams.

Additionally, he served in the military for a while. On Waz transitioned into becoming a survivalist. Made a name for himself as a television personality by participating in multiple reality events that tested his abilities and endurance in various challenging situations.

Waz Addy In Naked And Afraid

In 2013, he made his debut on the show Naked and Afraid, where he teamed up with his girlfriend, Carrie Booze, and spent 21 days navigating the jungle. Following that experience, Waz returned to the show in 2015 for Naked and Afraid XL, enduring 40 days alongside nine survivalists in the rugged badlands of Colombia.

Currently, Waz can be seen portraying the character of Waz in the adventure-themed miniseries called Samanyu NPC; Nag Hotel Arc, set to release in 2022. Furthermore, he is among four veterans who have accepted the challenge of surviving for 40 days on Naked and Afraid XL12 amid the icy wilderness of Montana. Adding another layer to his accomplishments, Waz is the state coordinator for the First Responder Task Force, an organization led by veterans which strives to provide clean water to underserved communities.