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Who Plays Toussaint In And Just Like That? Meet Gary Dourdan

Toussaint is a confident guy who seems to know what he needs and wants to do. The audience may notice him in the scene in which he meets Miranda, and the two have a flirting time. The actor Gary Dourdan plays Toussaint in And Just Like That, and if you want to learn more about the actor, check out some fascinating facts below.

Gary Dourdan As Toussaint In And Just Like That

Toussaint In And Just Like That
Source: And Just Like That, HBO Max

Gary Dourdan, an American actor, gained fame for portraying Warrick Brown in the popular police drama “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.” Born into a well-off family in Pennsylvania on December 11, 1966, he was the fourth of six children. His mother, Sandy, held a dual role as a notable teacher and stylist, while his father juggled business ventures and directing local jazz musicians.

Dourdan has African-American, Native American, Franco-Haitian (Haiti), Jewish, Irish, and Scottish origins.

Personal Life

He fell in love with Roshumba Williams throughout his modeling days. The pair got married in 1992, but they split 2 years later. He has 2 children: Lyric, with Cynthia Hadden, and Nyla, with Jennifer Sutton, whom Dourdan dated from 1995 to 2000.

When he was 6, his 21-year-old bro Darryl passed away after dropping from a porch in Haiti while “researching on the household lineage.” The instance stays unresolved.


In 2008, Dourdan was charged with possessing drugs. Dourdan was detained in July 2011 after collapsing his car, but charge fees have gone down due to drug belongings. In November 2011, he was jailed after purportedly damaging his girlfriend’s nose and being placed on 5 years’ probation. He was bought to go to weeks of residential physical violence therapy and stay away from the target for 5 years.

Career And Movies

In the 1990s, he ventured into the American songs scene and became a member of several bands, also doing cinema simultaneously. He modeled for some time until the mid-1990s when he began showing up in small parts in several television series and movies. A few of his parts consist of ‘Lois along with Clark: The New Adventures of Superman’ and ‘A Different World.’

His choice to play ‘Warrick Brown’ in the series ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,’ in 2000 changed his career dramatically. In the next years, he proceeded with the series, which amassed the tag of being just one of the longest-running and most famous television series ever.

Gary played a significant role with Halle Berry and Bruce Willis in the 2007 Perfect Stranger drama. The following year, he became a voice actor and provided his voice to the character ‘Crispus Allen’ in 3 of the 6 short movies of the ‘DC’ animated movie ‘Batman: Gotham Knight.’ In the 2011 charming, funny movie ‘Jumping the Broom’ he had the commonly appreciated role of ‘Chef McKenna.’

He also has shown up in the MV for Janet Jackson and ‘Erik B. & Rakim.’ He also staged with Macy Gray in the 2005 ‘Emmy Awards.’.