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‘The Woman in the Wall’ Filming Locations

Dive headfirst into the riveting world of BBC One’s latest thriller, “The Woman in the Wall,” which unveils its mysteries this Sunday. The backdrop for this gripping saga is the eerie history of Ireland’s Magdalene Laundries. Ruth Wilson embodies Lorna Brady, a woman who finds herself in a spine-tingling predicament—a dead body in her own house.

Simultaneously, Daryl McCormack brings life to Detective Colman Akande, who’s hot on the trail of a priest’s killer in Dublin. As fate would have it, their paths cross right at Lorna’s front door. If you’re the type who loves to peel back the layers of your go-to TV shows, we’ve got a full-fledged guide to the mesmerizing locations that breathe life into this complex narrative. Keep reading to unveil the actual spots that serve as the canvas for “The Woman in the Wall.”

‘The Woman in the Wall’ Filming Locations

The Woman in the Walls Filming Locations
Source: The Woman in the Walls, BBC

Although the storyline is set in the make-believe town of Kilkinure, the filming took place in real locations across Northern Ireland and County Mayo in the Republic of Ireland.

Joe Murtagh, the brains behind the show and its executive producer, has expressed that the series aims to bring attention to the troubling history of the region.

County Mayo

At the heart of the series, Kilkinure is a stand-in for County Mayo, a place of contrasting landscapes. Situated on Ireland’s west coast, it blends lush greenery with craggy cliffs along the Atlantic.

County Mayo itself is a picturesque blend of verdant and barren landscapes, complete with rocky edges kissing the Atlantic Ocean. Clew Bay in the county is peppered with small, rugged islands, including Clare Island. The county is also known for its charming city of Westport, celebrated for its Georgian architecture, as well as Croagh Patrick, a revered pilgrimage site.

Northern Ireland

Though the story suggests a South-East London setting, the cameras were actually rolling in Ireland. For those who may not know, Ireland is an island off the western coast of England and Wales, and its tallest peak is Carrauntoohil. Most of the action in “The Woman in the Wall” was captured in Northern Ireland.

As for Northern Ireland, it’s the smallest of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. It occupies about one-sixth of the territory on the island of Ireland, while the rest belongs to its neighbor, the Republic of Ireland, a separate and independent nation.