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The Woman In The Wall Episode 3 Preview: “Knock, Knock”

The emotional highs and lows of “The Woman in the Wall” have been nothing short of a thrill ride. After a nail-biting second episode, the buzz for what’s coming next in Episode 3 is through the roof. This next chapter is set to dig even deeper into the intricate maze of hidden truths, betrayals, and cold cases that have been laid out so far. As such, check out the preview of The Woman In The Wall Episode 3, titled “Knock, Knock” below!

What Happened In “Show Thyself”?

The second episode was a tornado of eye-opening moments and heart-pounding suspense. Lorna, who’s been doing some sleuthing of her own, takes on the identity of the late Aoife to set up a rendezvous with a guy named Dara. Meanwhile, Detective Akande is also piecing together the puzzle, scrutinizing security footage and questioning the locals.

Their paths cross in a store, where Lorna cleverly wipes the CCTV hard drive to stay under the radar. Despite her efforts, the cops manage to link Dara to a car involved in a murder. The episode wraps up with not one but two jaw-dropping moments: CCTV captures Lorna wielding an axe, and Clemence, another pivotal character, is found lifeless.

The Woman In The Wall Episode 3 Preview

The Woman In The Wall Episode 3 Preview
Source: The Woman In The Walls, BBC

In the upcoming Episode 3, titled “Knock, Knock,” get ready for a tense face-off between Lorna and the cops, particularly Detective Akande, who now has video evidence against her. Lorna might go to great lengths to wipe this evidence clean, perhaps even enlisting Dara’s help, who’s also not a fan of the police.

Akande, who has a personal history tied to the Magdalene laundries, could start digging into the church’s role, possibly uncovering dark secrets that could implicate even Sister Eileen. With Clemence’s sudden demise, Lorna might stumble upon a hidden clue or message left by her, which could be the missing piece to solving Aoife’s enigmatic history and the fate of the children from the laundries. We might also meet a new face, possibly a church insider willing to spill the beans.

5 Questions in “Knock, Knock”

  • Dara’s Double Play: Is Dara playing both teams? His arrest might just be a diversion tactic to help Lorna uncover the truth.
  • Akande’s Ethical Quandary: Akande’s past connection to the laundries might put him at an ethical fork in the road. Will he bend the rules to bring the church’s dark history to light?
  • Lorna’s Daring Moves: With the CCTV footage hanging like a sword over her head, Lorna might resort to drastic actions to delete it. Could she hack into the police system or even stage a break-in?
  • Clemence’s Last Message: Clemence’s untimely death seems too convenient. Could she have left behind something—a diary, a letter, or even a digital clue—that could crack the case wide open?
  • The Church’s Secret Plans: Sister Eileen’s guarded behavior hints at something big the church is hiding. Could there be a hidden vault or a secret witness that could blow the lid off years of abuse and cover-ups?

Release Date & Where to Watch?

Don’t forget, “The Woman In The Wall” Episode 3 is dropping on September 3, 2023, airing on BBC One at 9 p.m. Mark the date!