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The Winter King Episode 3 Preview: 5 Noticeable Points

The Winter King saga has been nothing short of an emotional whirlpool, filled with political chess games and jaw-dropping surprises. The last episode had us all gripping our armrests as Arthur swooped in at the eleventh hour to save Dumnonia. As we move forward in the series, the tension is ratcheting up, and the next episode is shaping up to be another heart-pounding chapter. As such, let’s check out the preview for episode 3 of The Winter King.

Look Back at Episode 2

The most recent episode was a seismic event that rattled Dumnonia to its core. With King Uther’s unexpected death, the kingdom was left leaderless, and Mordred, the young heir, was exposed to danger. Gundleus, who was once considered a guardian to Mordred, showed his true, treacherous nature by trying to assassinate the infant.

However, he was in for a shock. Arthur, previously exiled and hesitant to come back, made a triumphant return, foiling Gundleus’ scheme. The episode closed with Arthur and his crew arriving just in the nick of time, leaving us all pondering what made Arthur change his mind.

The Winter King Episode 3 Preview

The Winter King Episode 3 Preview
Source: The Winter King, MGM+

Episode 3 is set to explore the reasons behind Arthur’s unexpected return to Dumnonia. Was it Merlin’s convincing arguments that swayed him, or is there another mystery at play? Considering Merlin’s premonition of Mordred becoming a despot, Arthur might be the only hope to avert this grim future.

Don’t expect Gundleus to fade away quietly. Having been duped once, he’s likely to return with an even more foolproof strategy to grab the throne. His history of betrayal and violence indicates he’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants.

The relationship between Nimue and Derfel is another subplot that’s ripe for exploration. Following the harrowing events at Avalon, Nimue could start doubting her capabilities and her destiny as a priestess, which might strain her relationship with Derfel.

5 Things To Consider

  • Arthur’s Intentions: Will Arthur step up as the leader to shield Mordred and Dumnonia, or is he driven by a different motive?
  • Gundleus’ Next Step: Having botched his first attempt to eliminate Mordred, what’s Gundleus’ next move?
  • Nimue’s Dilemma: How will the Avalon incidents influence Nimue’s choices, and what impact will this have on her bond with Derfel?
  • Merlin’s Foresight: How will Merlin’s unsettling vision about Mordred shape the unfolding events?
  • Political Shakeup: With King Uther out of the picture, who will fill the power vacuum in Dumnonia?

Release Date & Where To Watch?

Mark your calendars for September 3, 2023, because that’s when the next episode of “The Winter King” will be out. You can stream it on MGM+, or if you’re old-school, catch it on MGM’s cable channel. The episode is slated to run for about an hour.