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The Winter King Episode 2 Preview: 5 Things To Notice

The opening episode of “The Winter King” laid the groundwork for an enthralling season, welcoming us to the world of Arthur, Uther Pendragon, Merlin, and other pivotal characters. As anticipation builds for the next episode, let’s pause to reflect on the initial episode’s happenings and ponder what surprises the following chapter may hold.

Look Back: The Winter King Episode 1

The first episode of “The Winter King” was a tempestuous journey filled with emotional turbulence and unexpected turns. Set against the backdrop of 5th-century Britain, we follow Arthur, the unrecognized son of High King Uther Pendragon, as he valiantly battles the invading Saxons.

Despite his courage, Arthur’s relationship with his father is strained, particularly after the demise of Prince Mordred, Uther’s lawful heir. Exiled from his homeland, Arthur stumbles upon a dying Saxon child, Derfel, whom he rescues and takes to Avalon. Fast forward eight years and Derfel has fallen for Nimue, a young priestess, though their love is constrained by Nimue’s preordained role as a formidable sorceress. Simultaneously, Merlin’s ominous warnings about Uther’s newborn son, also named Mordred, are disregarded.

The Winter King Episode 2 Preview

The Winter King Episode 2 Preview
Source: The Winter King, MGM+

The forthcoming episode promises to probe further into the character’s inner turmoil and external challenges. Arthur, now residing in Gaul, may be swayed by Merlin to return to Britain to unify the feuding tribes against the Saxons. Derfel, who has been honing his skills in secret, might uncover more about his Saxon lineage and grapple with an ethical quandary. Nimue may be forced to choose between her affection for Derfel and her obligations as a prospective druid.

Additionally, the episode could reveal fresh alliances and treacheries. King Uther’s collaboration with Gundleus, the King of Siluria, might herald danger, especially since Derfel identifies Gundleus as his family’s killer. The infant Mordred’s part in the destiny of the kingdom may also be further examined, perhaps through additional visions from Merlin.

5 Things To Notice In Episode 2

  • Arthur’s Homecoming: Merlin’s urgency in locating Arthur in Gaul suggests that Arthur’s return to Britain is imminent. But what will prompt his return? Will he seek recognition from his father, King Uther, or will the kingdom’s dire circumstances compel him?
  • Derfel’s Connection to His Roots: Living in Avalon, Derfel seems disconnected from his Saxon heritage. But as he prepares to become a warrior, might he also explore his ancestry? Could this lead to a conflict, especially if Arthur comes back to wage war against the Saxons?
  • Nimue’s Mystical Path: Nimue stands at a juncture between her love for Derfel and her fate as a potent magician. Will she undertake a magical journey or ritual that forces her to decide? Might her abilities be pivotal in the battles ahead?
  • The Role of the Newborn Mordred: Merlin’s visions regarding the newborn Mordred were grim and ominous. Will the next episode reveal hints of this malevolent nature? Could there be efforts to change his fate, either by Merlin or another?
  • The Alliance Between Gundleus and Uther: This partnership is fraught with tension, especially with Derfel’s recognition of Gundleus. Will Derfel seek vengeance? How might this impact the delicate alliance between the realms?

Release Date & Where To Watch?

The second episode of “The Winter King” is slated for release on Sunday, 27th August, at around 9 pm (ET) / 12 am (PT). With an expected duration of nearly 58 minutes, the episode will be accessible for streaming on MGM+.