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The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart Episode 7 Recap: The Finale

At the end of the miniseries, Alice figures out where she’s headed if she stops letting bad dudes mess with her head. As we follow Alice through a big moment in her life, we feel real feelings. Check out what happened in the finale of The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart season 1!

What Happened in The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart Episode 7?

The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart Episode 7 Recap
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When Alice first told her side of the story to people, doubting and making fun of her was expected. Dylan (Sebastián Zurita) has always been a smooth talker, getting folks to see things his way when they wouldn’t usually. We got this when we found out Lulu rarely talked about Dylan despite her clear distrust of him.

A sensible guy might wonder if they made up this plan of nudging and pulling without being too pushy. When Alice comes back with her injuries, only Lulu believes her since Dylan also showed off injuries. When Alice says she hurt Dylan protecting herself, no one’s buying it.

The reason is Dylan played dirty by showing her fake creds and the fact she was in a fire as a kid. Alice had trusted Dylan, but he backstabbed her by using her words against her. When Alice gets mad at a visitor who picks flowers despite a warning sign, things get worse. Alice knows it’s gonna be a hard battle and decides she’s done fighting.

When she needs help, she calls Grandma and Twig (Leah Purcell), and they go to Agnes Bluff to take care of her. When June finally spills the beans about her brother, after Alice has gotten a bit better, she gets really mad.

Alice talks to Sally Morgan (Asher Keddie) right away, and that’s when she learns the mind-blowing facts about her mom and the fire that wrecked her old family house. As Alice saw it, she started the fire in the shed, and it must’ve spread to the main house.

But right then, Sally spills the beans that Agnes was planning to leave Clem. Sally was with her as she took Alice and Charlie to Thornfield. But on that day, Clem lost it and almost hurt his daughter really bad. To protect her daughter, Agnes then stopped him and set a fire. Around that time, she went into labor, and they all ended up in the hospital.

Neither Alice nor Agnes were to blame for the fire. For her and her kids, she did the best she could. After learning this jaw-dropping news, Alice decides to chill at Sally and John’s with Charlie to rethink everything. After two months, Alice is still sorting out her mixed-up thoughts about Dylan.

The fact that toxic love is mixed with real love makes it hard to fight. Alice was confused by Dylan and his love for her even after she decided she didn’t wanna hang with him. One time, Charlie asks June if he looks like Clem. June tells him he does and that it’s okay because their dad has good points.

Alice, as a kid, and now with Dylan, are examples of women who let bad behavior slide because they saw some good points in the guys. At the same time, June’s getting worse, and she keeps thinking about how Clem hurt her after she told him not to change Thornfield.

June had asked Twig to stop Agnes from going with him right then, but she was too late. Now, June spends her last hours with her love while also having a gin and tonic and some chips. Alice goes back to Thornfield after a heartbreaking setback.

Alice not saying sorry to her grandma in time isn’t a big deal, but everyone wishes June had picked up when she gave her a ring. June’s send-off is an intimate gathering with her family, Sally, John, and Charlie, and all the women she helped in her life.

June also left a note for Alice, leading her to a diary where she wrote down the bad stuff done to the flowers before they came to Thornfield looking for safety. Because of June’s heavy guarding, Alice didn’t know she was going through the same stuff she and her grandma had fought against all their lives.

Don’t forget that June called herself “a messed-up flower” when she picked up Alice at Agnes Bluff. This showed how, even though she grew up a certain way, Alice focused more on being a victim than on the guy doing wrong.

Alice learns that June wants her to speak for the Thornfield women, and to do that, she has to face the bad stuff she’s been through. In the last episode of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, Alice and her pals finally get rid of the tree that haunted June.

She saw her flaws and her worries, especially about Clem. It was time to let go of the past and keep June’s memory alive. While we never see Alice stand up to Dylan or fight for what she thinks is right, her look says she would if she could. It’s just as hard to hate this show as it is to love it.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart had good intentions, but it didn’t deliver. These shows are meant to teach and entertain, so it’s fair to criticize if they don’t. It’s not a show you’d easily recommend, but if people do watch it, we can talk about it then.

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