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The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart Episode 5 Recap

In episode 5, it starts a new chapter of her life by moving to the town of Agnes Bluff. She ran from Thornfield in the last part because she was fed up with her grandma’s secrets. She doesn’t get that what she found is just the tip of the iceberg. June’s whole life has been about hiding stuff from her loved ones, and now those secrets are catching up fast with her. The cost she’s gonna pay is losing those she cares about. More of her secrets are shown in this part. Her loved ones start to wonder if they goofed up trusting her all these years.

What Happened In The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart Episode 5?

The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart Episode 5 Recap
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The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart episode 5 starts when Twig (Leah Purcell) visits the Morgans’ place and finally meets Charlie, but it’s not looking good when she finds out more secrets June’s been hiding. The Hart family’s deaths were mentioned in the coroner’s report, but we’re still in the dark about it. Sally Morgan (Asher Keddie) tells Twig that she’s covered Charlie’s medical bills, hospital stays, and maybe his schooling too, even with June’s sketchy actions.

She didn’t ditch him, but because she was super worried, she kept him away from Thornfield and his sis. Twig lets Charlie know that Alice didn’t know he existed and hasn’t answered any of his letters. Thinking she started the fire that took her parents and Charlie, Alice has been feeling super guilty about Charlie. So, it’s super important that she hears her bro’s okay. With John Morgan’s help, Twig starts looking for Alice, planning to get back with her to Charlie ASAP.

June’s figured out during her time at Thornfield that she doesn’t have not much time left. June doesn’t wanna tell anyone or try new meds to live longer, so her doc says they should switch her meds. She’s crushed by Twig’s choice to leave Thornfield and thinks she probably won’t want to chat or see her ever again. June had a mission, but she gave most of her time to it.

Alice and Twig were the bright spots in her life, and now they’re gone and can’t make her happy. we don’t wanna sound cold, but it feels like she’s just trying to make herself feel better. She tells everyone she’s all good now, including Candy and the other Flowers. But Candy’s not fooled since she already got the call from June’s doctor. When Candy calls her out, June admits she doesn’t know how to talk to her, which leaves Candy feeling hurt and let down.

From what we find out later, real feelings were hiding behind blame layers. Candy ditches her blue hair and makeup to see how June reacts to her normal look. It happens, but only when June gets that Candy got hurt because of her silence, even if she tried to protect her. Now we get what June meant about the “darkness” in Clen. We thought Candy and Clen were a thing, but we forgot Candy was just 13 then. She was too young to get what was going on or to say yes.

Clen was way worse, saying he loved her, even with his past of wrong behavior and grooming. Agnes showed June how to keep Candy safe. When June got to the place, she figured she could get Clen off Candy by making him hang with Agnes more. Tying Agnes to a creep, even to protect, was a really bad move. Maybe June didn’t wanna turn him in ’cause it’d lead cops to Thornfield, or she just loved her son, but tying him to another woman made her throw away all the good she did.

This was the big secret she’d been hiding, and she finally told Candy. Candy thought June chose Agnes over her ’cause she felt bad about herself. Knowing the truth makes us wonder if June really cared about Agnes or if she was just lying to keep her son from getting locked up. June caused her mom’s pain by hiding Charlie from Alice. Alice gets a job as a park guard at Agnes Bluff, and with Dylan’s help, she fits right in. Lulu seems to notice Alice and Dylan (Sebastián Zurita) getting close, but stays quiet about it for now.

Meanwhile, Alice breaks up with Moss (Xavier Samuel) because they just didn’t click. This love’s wrecked more lives than it’s brought together. It wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t make women mix up little stuff with big stuff. It’s easy to think Lulu’s warning about Dylan is ’cause of her weird vibes since she said he was “too much,” but it’s important to listen to other women’s stories without wanting proof.

Some answers just aren’t that juicy. Looking at stars on a date, Alice finally asks Dylan if he ever took Lulu there. Alice keeps saying sorry to Dylan as he’s running out mad. She answered fast without thinking about the topic or why she might’ve been scared to make him mad. She forgave him for leaving her in the woods and wasn’t mad. He comes back the next day to say sorry, but Alice feels way worse about it than he does.

Thanks to his sneaky moves, Alice’s now totally caught in Dylan’s trap. As the fifth episode of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart wraps up, he shows Alice what he calls his “bad side,” acting like he’s being real with her, making Alice spill her beans again. She tells Dylan she started the fire that took her dad, and he says he’ll keep it a secret.

If June wasn’t so protective of Alice, she could’ve learned from Dylan’s screw-ups. Dylan fits the story just right. Something’s gonna go down with him that’ll help Alice get her grandma’s actions. Full forgiveness might not happen, but there’s a lot to learn, and it’s doubtful they can fit it all in the next two parts this season. Some bad choices made it drag, but the rest of the story might surprise us.

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