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The Chi Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: “House Party”

The Chi Season 6 Episode 3, titled “House Party,” is a sneak peek into the characters’ lives and relationships unfold as the program progresses, including both ups and downs. A lot went down when the players gathered at the new home of Emmett Washington and Keisha Williams to celebrate their recent move. Their connections and the challenges they faced were big ideas of this episode.

What Happened In The Chi Season 6 Episode 3?

The Chi Season 6 Episode 3 Recap
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“House Party” opens with Emmett cleaning the old home meticulously in an effort to get his deposit back. When Tiffany enters, there is a brief moment when it appears like Emmett may revert to his old habits. Thankfully, he grew up a lot beyond the point when he would have unprotected intercourse with almost every lady in the area.

He is now a young go-getter with a girlfriend who looks to be in it for keeps. By the time Emmett gets back to his new place that night, he and Kiesha have already planned to have a welcome party the next day. Emmett realizes they may have invited too many people for enough seats. Kiesha replies that the visitors can always get to their feet if they want to.

Some of their friends from high school have been invited. Throughout the course of the evening, they come to the realization that they no longer have the same page as their old classmates. “Papa” Jackson (Shamon Brown Jr.) wins Kenya’s respect at Smokey’s by calming down an angry customer and getting him to apologize to her. But at the end of the day, when Kenya says that she wants to hang out with him, he appears to lose it all and responds that he needs his mother’s permission.

To make up for his oversight, Papa attempts to project an air of faking it, but this strategy doesn’t always bear fruit. It would seem that the majority of the main characters, along with their own families and friends, all converge on Emmett and Kiesha’s new house. When Victor and Fatima (Jazelle) show up, Kiesha immediately feels comfy with her. Fatima and Kiesha talk about clothes and decor while Victor watches in awe. Victor asks Fatima to move in with him later that night, telling her she may decorate their new house anyway she likes.

After talking to her long-lost sibling, Lynae starts to think again about how she feels for Bakari, who is now employed by Douda. Lynae faces off with Douda, asking to know when he plans to quit the bad path after realizing that most of her friends agree with Jamal (Vic Mensa). Bakari attempts to reassure her by telling her about what he’s aiming for, the most pressing of which is to have an apartment on his own.

Lynae, mindful of her brother’s warnings, makes it clear to Bakari that she would not risk going to prison for him. Bakari pays a visit to Lynae’s where she lives, after the party in an effort to keep the spark alive. Kevin and Maisha got back together and spend the whole party gazing lovingly at one other. This is something that Emmett picks up on and is super happy about it to Kevin. While Jada is busy looking for a guy to date Tracy, Tracy has lately slept with Douda again, and Jada has no idea.

All the excitement and activity of the party stops the moment Douda enters. Douda’s kind of guy is represented by every guest at the party, and he manages to spread fear even on the dangerous streets of Southside Chicago. Emmett and Bakari are representative of those who believe they can benefit from the man’s assistance without being all in. Bakari is a young and naive man. He appears to think that, at any time, he may just stop being a criminal.

Meanwhile, Emmett has fooled himself into thinking everything is OK, but he is increasingly can’t control his growing bills to Douda. As a welcome gift for Emmett, Douda takes a rifle inside his where he lives in this episode. Part of Emmett is thrilled by the idea of buying a gun, despite his anxiety about doing so. Before he puts it away, he tries aiming it in front of a mirror. Darnell discovers the pistol later that night, figures out what’s going on, and faces off with Douda as he’s leaving the party.

Emmett observes from a distance as Douda’s men wait near their boss in the parking lot during the incident. Victor rushes over to see if everything is fine as he and Fatima leave, but the older guys order him to go since it’s not his business. Darnell, facing the most dangerous guy in the area, decides to prove himself.

He tells Douda that Darnell will murder him if anything bad happens to Emmett and his family. Douda is angry, but he also thinks it’s really cool. He lauds the other man’s bravery to protect his loved ones and then leaves. Darnell always keeps the gun and never returns it. When Emmett realizes it’s gone, he worries that one of the kids has taken it. Kiesha asks him what’s keeping him up at night, and he lies, saying that Douda handed him a pack of cigarettes.

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