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The Chi Season 6 Episode 1 Recap: “New Chi City”

Fans of The Chi have been itching to find out how the season premiere went since the show returned for its second season. This is because the previous season ended with a bang, with the wedding of Darnell and Jada and Victor’s shouting from the rooftops of his love for Fatima (L’lerrét Jazelle).

Episode 1 of season 6 of The Chi is titled “New Chi City,” and it follows a bunch of jaw-droppers that happen as Emmett gets more and more chummy with Otis. However, Keisha and Emmett’s home vibes look a bit shaky because of their non-stop fights. Let’s not spend any longer diving into the main stuff of the season 6 start of The Chi and chatting about all that went down inside.

What Happened In The Chi Season 6 Episode 1?

The Chi Season 6 Episode 1 Recap
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“New Chi City” starts with Keisha Williams and Emmett Washington having a sweet time together until Keisha is pulled away by her kids crying. Emmett’s peeved since he can’t keep up with his lovey-dovey plans because he’s got family stuff. Emmett and Kiesha’s tight relationship gets lit up by a heated chat between them. While hunting for teacher gigs, Kiesha has to deal with a tough look-see that checks out her skills.

Despite the chaos, she gets the job because she sticks with it and connects with a kid. The messy ties that link Emmett to Keisha, Tiffany, and his other kids’ moms got a look-in. The buddy-buddy thing between Emmett and Douda was what the episode really honed in on. Those in the loop got antsy about this fresh team-up because of Douda’s iffy rep.

Emmett’s latest bro-time with Otis Douda gets him all twisted up in doubts. Even with some cool stuff happening, like a fresh suit and parties, the big picture of his role comes out when he’s told to pack heat. The stress in his tale comes from his dreams not matching the real world. Victor’s climb in the politics game gets big as he feels the squeeze of an upcoming vote.

The lovey-dovey meet-up between Victor and Fatima gets cut short by Victor sweating about the vote result. Even with the strain, they’re getting tighter, which looks good for their days ahead. Victor and his soon-to-be wife Tierra aim to make him look good to voters by showing him as a regular nice guy who’s all about family. A wild video of a random brawl at Smokey’s gives him a slim win. This episode reminds us of how tricky and tough Victor’s fresh gig is.

Yolonda Ross’s Jada Washington and Rolando Boyce’s Darnell Washington have a real chat as Darnell gives her a foot rub. They chat about where things stand in their marriage and want to jazz it up a bit to keep things fresh. Her dad’s vibe with Tierra is all kinds of tense, and Jemma isn’t thrilled. One big thing this episode shows is Otis Douda Perry’s scary switch-up.

Once big-shot Douda  shows what he’s really like when he just offs a rival. This wild moment happens right near Emmett’s shocked face, and everyone’s just floored. In this one, we got a peek at many folks and where things stand for them. Rob’s weed biz is booming, so he blew off Douda. Bakari (Ahmad Ferguson) is in on Douda’s plans; you can see he’s changed.

Emmett’s wishes were right there, and there were hints of maybe some strain with Douda. On the show, the women chat about their crushes and have close times with each other. Tracy Roxboro, Jason’s mom (Tai Davis), mulls over love stuff when things get heated at Kevin Williams’ housewarming bash. The side characters’ ties and battles are laid out in the first episode.

Kevin makes a big grown-up move by getting his own place and dealing with grown-up probs. His story’s got an extra twist because of his crush, Maisha. Marcus’ love tries and Stanley “Papa” Jackson‘s (Shamon Brown Jr.) new feelings for a work pal show the range of everyone’s shared lives. We get Tracy’s feelings after Otis bails through her thinking and her reaction to an Eartha Kitt chat.

Douda’s messy ties get more tangled when he starts a surprise team-up with one of his gang. The surprise twist in how he acts with her has Tracy thinking hard the next day. Season 6 of “The Chi” kicks off with “New Chi City,” setting things up for a year of the folks changing, feels going all over, and surprise team-ups. As stuff goes on, folks will look for more changes in who’s tight with who, everyone growing, and the bad stuff coming from Otis Douda’s big risk. Folks are all eyes for the next one because of the show’s great mix of drama, thrills, and deep dives into the characters.

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