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The Bachelorette Season 20 Episode 7 Recap

In Episode 7 of “The Bachelorette” Season 20, the excitement builds as Charity searches for Mr. Right almost at the end. Charity Lawson, from Columbus, Georgia, and working with kids and families, is the star this time. Before, she got to fourth place on Season 27 of “The Bachelor” with Zach Shallcross. This episode’s happening in the awesome Fiji, where Charity’s got to pick between Dotun, Joey, and Xavier. She’s going through a rollercoaster of feelings for these guys.

What Happened In The Bachelorette Season 20 Episode 7?

The Bachelorette Season 20 Episode 7 Recap
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As the episode starts, we see Charity in Fiji, getting ready for some romantic nights. It’s been a long road, but now, she’s thinking about a ring. Dotun’s all set to pop the question but can’t figure out how Charity feels about the other two. Joey’s falling harder for Charity but is worried about meeting her family. Xavier, who used to be scared of opening up, thinks he might be ready to settle down with her. Jesse Palmer, the host, chats with Charity about saying goodbye to Aaron, something that’s still on her mind.

Charity seems hopeful about Xavier being ready to propose, and she thinks Dotun’s almost too good to be true. She likes Joey, but she wants to make sure he’s the real deal. She tells Jesse she’s in love with all three guys. First up is Xavier’s date. They head to a private island, try on some local outfits, and learn about marriage customs. They have a blast, but Charity’s still worried if Xavier’s really ready.

At dinner, Xavier says he’s emotionally ready but still has some hang-ups. He knows he has to get over his fears to propose. He tells Charity he’s all in but then talks about cheating before, and that messes with her. She leaves the table to chill out. Meanwhile, Aaron’s thinking about how Charity sent him home and their unfinished chat, so he heads back to Fiji.

Charity comes back, and she and Xavier get into the whole cheating thing. It’s a touchy subject for her since she’s been cheated on before. Xavier tries to explain, but Charity’s still worried, leading to a big fight about trust and stuff. They can’t sort it out, and she ends the date, sending Xavier packing. Feeling crushed and let down, Charity’s sad Xavier couldn’t see what they could’ve had.

But she knows she has to move on, with Joey and Dotun still in the game. Next is Joey’s date. Charity’s still thinking about a chat with Joey’s uncle, wondering if she really knows Joey. They start the date with an ATV ride to pick up Joey, but it breaks down, so they walk to a waterfall for a heart-to-heart. Joey talks about feeling unsure, especially around his uncle, and Charity shares what his uncle said.

Later, over dinner, they talk more about what it’d be like to be together. Joey’s worried that people might fall for a fake version of him. He admits he might be a bit of a rollercoaster, but Charity gets him, and they bond over how alike they are. Joey tells Charity he loves her, and she feels the same. They end up in the fantasy suite, waking up happy and snug the next day.

Now it’s Dotun’s turn. They’re both stoked to hang out, jet skiing and chilling on a private sand bar. They toast to their perfect relationship, but Charity’s still a little nervous about past screw-ups. Over dinner, Dotun talks about how he’s totally into Charity, especially since New Orleans. The fact that he’s not scared of loving her is a little scary, but he’s super genuine. Charity says she loves him back, and they can’t wait to go to the fantasy suite.

The next morning, they’re excited, but Dotun knows he’ll be crushed if things don’t work out. Out of nowhere, Aaron’s back in Fiji, wanting to clear the air. Charity’s stunned but pumped to see him. They chat on the beach, and Aaron’s still confused about why she sent him home. She says she’s been second-guessing herself and really liked their connection.

Fast forward, and it’s Decision Day. Charity’s got a huge choice between Dotun, Joey, and Aaron. In a shocker, Aaron’s back again, and they meet on the beach. Aaron’s still bothered by going home and wants to give more to Charity. She tells him she’s been torn up about sending him away, and she was falling for him, even though she didn’t say it then.

Aaron’s old feelings are back big time, and he’s even more into Charity now. She’s really feeling it and needs a moment alone. Then it’s Decision Day. Charity’s got to pick between Dotun, Joey, and Aaron, and it’s tearing her up. The episode ends, and we’re all on the edge of our seats, no clue who Charity’ll choose. She’s into all three guys, but only one can win. We can’t wait for the big, life-changing choice in Charity’s love story.

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