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The Bachelorette Season 20 Episode 6 Recap

Season 20, episode 6 of The Bachelorette showcased four contestants who were vying for Charity Lawson’s love. This episode detailed Charity’s encounters with the family members of the contestants, her various dates, and the critical decision of who she wants to continue the journey with on The Bachelorette.

What Happened In The Bachelorette Season 20 Episode 6?

The Bachelorette Season 20 Episode 6 Recap
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The episode commences in Houston, Texas, and the theme is hometowns. Charity is down to four contestants, Aaron, Joey, Dotun, and Xavier, all of whom are unique but hold a special place in her heart. The first date is with Aaron, beginning in Houston. Charity and Aaron’s relationship is at a high point, and it’s worth noting that it’s been a decade since Aaron has taken someone home to meet his family, adding to his excitement.

He confides in Charity about his wish to have discussed love before introducing her to his parents, but she remains hopeful that love could be in the cards since the connection is already there. The occasion involves meeting Aaron’s mother and father, his older brother Edward, younger brother Erick, and his sister-in-law Audrey. The dinner conversation centers around Charity and Aaron’s path together. Erick conveys his happiness for his brother and tells Aaron that Charity is an agreeable girl.

Charity engages in a private conversation with Aaron’s mother, Ethel, whose primary desire is for her son’s happiness and finding someone who will love him. Ethel expresses her fondness for Charity but asks how she would respond if Aaron proposed that very day. Charity’s response is hesitant; she wants to be certain when she accepts a proposal.

Later, Aaron’s father conveys his gratitude for meeting her, and although overwhelmed, he trusts his son’s judgment. Aaron’s farewell to Charity involves dancing to their first song together, during which he shares that he’s falling in love with her. Charity travels to Collegeville, Pennsylvania, for her date with Joey. This date is significant, as Joey has told her he’s falling in love, and she plans to reciprocate if everything goes well.

Joey surprises Charity with her first tennis lesson, explaining that tennis is an integral part of his life. During the lesson, Joey’s uncle Joe unexpectedly appears. Although Joe likes Charity, he senses something is amiss with Joey. Upon arriving at Joey’s home, Charity meets his family, including his mom Cathy, dad Nick, uncle Joe, sisters Carly and Ellie, and brother-in-law Zach. During a chat with Carly, Charity admits her feelings for Joey. Joey’s mother, however, is concerned about the potential of him being heartbroken.

Joey reassures her, but his uncle is not so easily convinced and warns Joey about being himself. Despite his family’s concerns, Joey anticipates proposing to Charity. Joe’s conversation with Charity includes cautioning her to handle Joey’s heart with care. The date concludes with Joey feeling uneasy and worried that this could be the end of their relationship. Charity’s next destination is Cleveland, Ohio, where she meets Xavier’s family. Despite making her happy, Xavier reminds her of past relationships, which concerns her.

Xavier takes her to a knitting lab to demonstrate how he calms himself when stressed. The experience is enjoyable for Charity, and she appreciates seeing Xavier in his element. They have a wonderful day, culminating in a meeting with Xavier’s loving family, including his mom Tracey, who has MS. Xavier’s family provides their insights on his readiness for marriage, and he confesses to his mother that he feels Charity is the one. He also admits to Charity that he is falling in love with her, to her delight.

Charity’s final stop is Fresno, California, where she meets Dotun’s family, including a surprise visit from his parents. Dotun’s grandmother even proclaims that the two are heaven-bonded. Their date includes bungee jumping and heartfelt family discussions. Dotun’s mother expresses concern about potential heartbreak, but the rest of his family assures her. The day ends with a ride in a vintage Thunderbird and a drive-in movie, leaving Charity feeling even stronger about Dotun.

Returning to Los Angeles, Charity reflects on her week with Jesse, admitting her love for all four men and her difficulty in saying goodbye to any of them. The Rose Ceremony brings tension as the men share their feelings, but in a shocking turn, Aaron is sent home. Charity explains that she followed her gut, believing that more time might have led to a deeper connection.

Who Went Home After This Episode?

The person who was eliminated after this episode is Aaron B., as Charity gave roses to Joey, Dotun, and Xavier.

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