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The Bachelorette Season 20 Episode 5 Recap: Who Went Home?

In episode 5 of The Bachelorette Season 20, smack dab in New Orleans; Charity was juggling some hard choices, picking out her guys for the big hometown dates. This episode was jam-packed with three exclusive dates and a group one, which had two guys saying goodbye. Don’t waste your time anymore, check the recap of this week!

What Happened In The Bachelorette Season 20 Episode 5?

The Bachelorette Season 20 Episode 5 Recap
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The episode kicks off with Charity and the dudes soaking up the New Orleans scene. With hometowns looming, Charity’s left with six guys, and soon it’ll be just four. She’s got some really tough choices ahead and wants to make every minute count with the remaining guys. A meet-up at a local café starts things off, and all the guys are pumped to see her. She promises them a week of good times.

Aaron B., a New Orleans resident for seven years, feels comfy and hopes for a one-on-one date to play tour guide. But it’s Joey who snags Charity’s attention for a one-on-one as a horse carriage shows up. The other guys reckon Joey’s sealed his hometown visit. Tanner, on the other hand, feels overlooked. Despite waiting patiently, he’s worried he may have missed his shot.

Joey and Charity’s date starts with a tour, topped off with some tasty Louisiana grub. A fortune teller gives their compatibility a thumbs up, followed by a chill stroll around the city full of music, dance, and romance. During the day, they get a local poet to whip up a poem based on their shared experiences. By dinner, they’re both stunned by how well they vibe together.

Chatting about hometowns, Joey shares his family’s worries about him getting his heart broken, since he’s a soft-hearted guy. Talking about interracial relationships, Joey says he’s keen to learn and grow. Even though he hasn’t been with a black woman before, he’s firm in his belief that love is colorblind. His honesty gets Charity emotional, and she gives him a rose. Next week, Joey’s family will get to meet Charity. Elated, Joey declares his love for her.

Another date card pops up for Sean Mclaughlin and Tanner, suggesting some decisions need to be made. Both guys are on edge; one gets to go to hometowns, the other’s ride will be over. Tanner feels snubbed again and worries he’s missed his shot, despite really digging Charity. Sean, feeling out of his depth, decides to push on, ready to fight for Charity’s heart.

Their date involves a Cajun Swamp boat tour, alligators galore, and some funny comments from the captain. Sean, more chatty than Tanner, knows he needs to step up. While they munch on crawfish, the captain cheekily offers himself as a plan B if Charity isn’t feeling either guy. Tanner senses Charity’s growing bond with Sean, leaving him uneasy. Sean, feeling confident, has his sights set on the rose and the chance to introduce Charity to his family.

When they meet up again for dinner, Charity admits the day was kinda weird but hopes to figure things out. She asks to talk with Sean alone. Despite their shared experiences, Sean’s determined to win Charity’s heart, even if he might get hurt. Meanwhile, Tanner recognizes his growing bond with Charity and decides to focus just on that. He’s hopeful but knows it’s do or die.

Meanwhile, a date card shows up for Dotun, stirring things up among the guys. Aaron B. is confused and increasingly annoyed at being overlooked. For Charity and Dotun’s date, they join in a fun race wearing tutus. Back at the hotel, both Tanner and Sean think they have an advantage in winning Charity’s heart.

Back at the race, a wise old man married for 58 years shares his secret to a long marriage: just say “yes dear.” After they finish the race, they have a serious talk over dinner. They both admit the day was tiring but totally worth it. Asked about the possibility of introducing her to his family, Dotun admits he’s scared. He talks about his past disappointments and his fear of being let down again. Moved by his honesty, Charity hands him the rose, sending him over the moon. Dotun pours out his feelings for Charity, saying he thinks she could be his life partner.

Back at the hotel, a new date card arrives. It’s for Aaron B., Xavier, Tanner, and Sean, and it points toward the upcoming hometowns. With only two roses left, it’s obvious two guys will be packing after the group date.

Driven by a need for reassurance, Sean drops by to check on Charity. He’s bummed out by not having a one-on-one and seeks reassurance about getting a rose at the ceremony. Charity explains she’s unsure and shares her doubts about their connection. Heartbroken, Sean leaves, not understanding why his feelings weren’t enough.

The last date in New Orleans is with Tanner, Xavier, and Aaron B. Charity’s struggling with the decision she has to make, knowing she’ll have to say goodbye to one of the guys. She starts off by having a chat with Aaron B., who confesses he’s had a tough week. Next, Tanner and Xavier share their hopes and fears about love, getting engaged, and the future.

At the rose ceremony, Charity struggles with her decision but ends up giving the first rose to Aaron B. Having a hard time with the final decision, Charity decides to wait till later that evening to give out the last rose.

Later, Charity meets Tanner and lets him down easily, saying they didn’t have enough time to build a strong bond. Tanner takes it well, wishing her the best. Next up is Xavier. After a heart-to-heart, Charity surprises Xavier with the last rose, and he’s over the moon. Charity and Xavier will be heading to his hometown. With her decisions made, Charity is pumped for the next leg of her journey.”

Who Went Home This Week?

After the 5th episode, Tanner Courtad and Sean McLaughlin are the two names who were sent home. This means Aaron Bryant, Xavier Bonner, Joey Graziadei, and Dotun Olubeko are the last four men in the final.

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