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The Bachelorette Season 20 Episode 4 Recap: Brayden Bowers Quits!

The Bachelorette season 20 episode 4 is a crazy episode, one dude left the show and then made an unexpected return just before the rose ceremony to say sorry, taking away more one-on-one time from the other contestants. Brayden Bowers, who got the first rose, decided to peace out after feeling insecure about Charity being with other dudes on a group date.

What Happened In The Bachelorette Season 20 Episode 4?

The Bachelorette Season 20 Episode 4 Recap
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Charity was really hoping that the new location in Stevenson, Washington, would bring new vibes. The place was beautiful, but it couldn’t hide the lingering issues from the last episode. At first, the guys enjoyed the mountains of Washington, but eventually, they started hating each other. They were cool on the first night, but by the third week, they became enemies, especially Aaron B. and Brayden, who seriously hated each other.

Aaron tried to ruin Brayden’s game by talking crap about him to Charity, hoping she would change her opinion about him. But it totally backfired, only stirring up drama in the house. Charity decided to keep Brayden and gave the next one-on-one date to Dotun. Aaron couldn’t win over Charity despite his efforts. This made Brayden even madder at Aaron, and Sean McLaughlin also didn’t like him. Sean openly talked about wanting more alone time with Charity and complained to others about how Sean had barged into their date with her.

Sean won the Barbie challenge but didn’t act nice, which annoyed the other guys. But let’s be real, and not everyone was a fan of Brayden either. He was always arguing with people, and it made us wonder if he was the issue. Aaron had some guys on his side and talked about Brayden’s issue with them, claiming Brayden was on the show for the wrong reasons and that Charity wasn’t surprised by his mean words. Brayden also shared with someone else that he was about to get cut, remembering how mad Charity was at him.

Brayden thought he would’ve been kicked out if he hadn’t already received a rose. He believed his chances with Charity were over until the group date invite came. Charity chose Brayden and Aaron B. for her group date. Before the date, the guys agreed to ignore the drama and just make Charity happy. Charity had high hopes after her fun time with Dotun, who left a cool vibe with his cool confidence and wanting to impress her.

On the other hand, Brayden wasn’t sure about his feelings and plans. He hoped to spend time with Charity during the group date, but three little girls from the Girl Scouts were the judges. The guys and girls met in the woods, where they had to impress the girls with their skills and bravery to win a chance to hang out with Charity at the make-out spot. Brayden went all out, even doing weird stuff like ditching his jacket, acting wild, and eating mushrooms. The guys found him annoying and thought he was trying too hard.

Later, they had a Q&A and had to choose whom they’d eat among the guys. They all picked Brayden, calling him annoying and overdoing it. Brayden said he just wanted to end his Bachelorette journey being okay, while the others talked about love and popping the question to Charity. The girl scouts chose Aaron B. as the winner, and Brayden whined about it on the way back.

Aaron boasted about his time with Charity at the make-out spot, saying he could see himself popping the question to her, but Brayden wasn’t sure about Aaron’s plans or his chances with Charity. Brayden packed his bags twice, not sure if he and Charity would still be together or if he’d fall in love with her. They talked about it, and Charity overheard, so she pulled Brayden aside to show him she truly dug him and wanted to clear up any doubts. But in the end, Brayden decided to leave the show. They both agreed, but Charity was hurt because she needed to know.

The other guys couldn’t wait to diss Brayden, saying he was on the show for the wrong reasons and that Charity was right to let him go. People at home knew Charity might not end up with anyone this season. Brayden was negative, but he was right that the show isn’t real life, and you shouldn’t propose after just a summer romance.

Aaron was stoked that the toxic vibe was gone from the house and believed he might propose to Charity soon, even though he didn’t get the group date rose. Joey got that rose instead. Charity went on another one-on-one date, this time with Xavier. They went to a local market, chatted, and Xavier made her smile. Charity screwed up by talking about her ex with Xavier, but luckily, he dealt with it coolly, unlike Brayden, who would’ve made it all about himself.

Xavier promised to be different from her ex and always be honest with her. Charity wasn’t sure about her connection with Xavier, unlike her stronger bond with Dotun from a previous date. Charity gave Xavier a rose, not so sure, while the other guys felt confident going into the rose ceremony. But then, Brayden returned right before the ceremony. It got awkward because Charity was making out with someone else when Brayden walked in. Charity didn’t have time for him and had already made up her mind.

But Brayden returned to reassure Charity it wasn’t her fault. He admitted it was his issues that caused his drama. Charity assured Brayden that she understood and didn’t blame herself. They said their goodbyes and the other guys faced Brayden at his car, telling him they didn’t like him and telling him he shouldn’t have come back. They stopped him from leaving until they had their say. But honestly, Charity had already told Brayden to leave, and instead of checking on her, they let their pride get in the way of what they claimed they wanted.

If any of them had been the first to talk to Charity after her encounter with Brayden, she might’ve liked them more and felt like a priority. John wasted his short moment with Charity by yelling at Brayden instead of going back to the party. When they all returned, they found out the party was over, and it was time for the rose ceremony. Charity made her picks, saying bye to Caleb, John, Michael, and Brayden. Those four, along with Brayden, won’t make it to the last round or visit their places.

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Who Went Home In This Episode?

Besides Brayden Bowers’ quit, there are 3 guys who have to go home after season 20, episode 4:

  • Caleb Balgaard
  • John Buresh
  • Michael Barbour