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The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 9 Preview: What To Expect?

As we near the second-to-last episode of The Afterparty’s second season, the suspense is almost tangible. The eighth episode, “Feng,” left us hanging, filled with uncertainty, particularly regarding Feng’s guilt and Isabel’s enigmatic actions. The upcoming episode, “Isabel,” is shaping up to be a critical juncture in this complex murder mystery.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

The previous episode took us on an intimate journey into Feng’s world, exploring his struggling Baobing dessert business and his frantic efforts to win Edgar’s investment. Though the dessert was well-received, Edgar’s reaction was lukewarm. Vivian’s unexpected admission about her former relationship with Ulysses added a new dimension to the family’s intricate relationships, leaving a significant impact on Zoe and Grace (Poppy Liu).

The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 9 Preview

The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 9 Preview
Source: The Afterparty, Apple TV+

The ninth episode, named “Isabel,” is set to be a game-changer in the unfolding story. Isabel’s knowledge of a crucial secret about Edgar (Zach Woods) in the last episode hints at a shift in focus toward her. Her mysterious remarks, coupled with Edgar’s visible annoyance, indicate that she might possess a key piece of information that could blow the case wide open.

Additionally, the episode may delve into the aftermath of Vivian’s affair with Ulysses, particularly its effect on Zoe and Grace. With Zoe’s newfound appreciation for Aniq and Grace’s declaration of love for Hannah (Anna Konkle), Vivian’s disclosure could either fortify or fracture these bonds.

Predictions and Theories: What To Expect?

  • Isabel’s Hidden Knowledge: What is the secret that Isabel holds about Edgar? Could it be tied to illegal activities in Edgar’s crypto dealings, providing a motive for murder?
  • Isabel’s True Intentions: Isabel’s abrupt assertion that she knows the killer’s identity might be a smokescreen. Could she be part of the crime to shift focus away from herself?
  • Edgar’s Cryptocurrency Venture: Edgar’s involvement in crypto has been alluded to but remains unexplored. Might this be a vital connection to the murder?
  • The Impact of Vivian’s Admission: How will Vivian’s shocking confession influence Zoe and Grace’s connections? Will it unite the family or create further divisions?
  • Feng’s True Nature: Feng appears desperate but not necessarily culpable. Could a surprising twist reveal his involvement, contrary to the evidence?
  • Grace and Hannah’s Blossoming Love: With Grace’s love for Hannah now out in the open, how will this romance play into the broader story? Could it be linked to the murder mystery?
  • Aniq’s Growing Importance: Aniq has been a pillar for Zoe. Might his role become more central to the investigation?
  • The Lizard, Roxanne’s Clue: A seemingly insignificant character, but could Roxanne, the lizard, hold a vital clue? After all, Roxanne’s reaction to the Baobing mirrored Edgar’s.

Release Date & Where To Watch?

The 9th episode of The Afterparty Season 2, “Isabel,” is set to premiere on August 30, 2023, on Apple TV+. As the episode preceding the grand finale, excitement is reaching a fever pitch.