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The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: “Ulysses”

After taking a side trip in the sixth episode, Danner and Aniq decided to chat with the “funcle” (fun uncle) of Zoe and Grace (Poppy Liu) in the next episode of that season. But Ulysses seemed kinda sketchy, right? Sebastian mentioned in that other episode that the guy was playing with a glass while moving around. Is Ulysses messing with Edgar’s drink? Danner and Aniq wondered about that, but they were still trying to figure him out. They were digging into why rich dude Edgar (Zach Woods) bit the dust in “Ulysses,” that episode in Season 7 of “The Afterparty.” What happened to Edgar after his wedding was the season’s big question.

What Happened In The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 7?

The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 7
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In the start of “Ulysses,” Aniq tells Zoe he’s gonna chat with all her peeps, starting with Uncle Ulysses. Zoe’s super surprised when Aniq thinks her fam, especially Ulysses, who barely knew Edgar and just met him at the wedding, could have done it. Aniq and Zoe have a spat, and Zoe ends up chatting with her folks, Vivian and Feng. But, when Aniq and Detective Danner chat with Ulysses, he’s all ears. Vivian and Feng, though, won’t lend a hand, which seems kinda shady.

The night before Edgar and Grace tied the knot, Aniq and Danner try to get the lowdown from Ulysses about what went down at the bar. Ulysses is like, the only way he can clear his name is by spilling about his past. We get to see Ulysses’ days as a dancer for fun who went to a rough place with that tour group. Ulysses and his buddies got caught up in some bad fight, and that messed him up so much he didn’t want to carry on. Once Ulysses is back home, he chills with his bro Feng.

Feng thinks Ulysses and Vivian should try out dancing like pros to feel better. After they start dancing, they get cozy and stuff happens. Until she’s expecting Grace, Vivian’s sneaking around with Ulysses. That whole thing ends, leaving Ulysses feeling like crap. But being the “fun” uncle to Zoe and Grace gives him a break. Ulysses isn’t cool that Vivian didn’t pick him, so he bails on his fam.

But Feng figures out the drama between Vivian and Ulysses, and there’s a big blowout. Ulysses is traveling around for ages, looking for a pick-me-up. But Edgar gives him a shoutout and warmly asks him to Grace’s big day. Ulysses, still beefing with Feng, swears he won’t see his fam or go to the wedding. Thinking they had a thing, Edgar hints that maybe Ulysses is Grace’s real dad.

So, Ulysses decides to crash the wedding. At the wedding, Ulysses asks Vivian who’s the real parent, but Vivian’s like “nope” and mentions a quick test she did. But Ulysses isn’t buying it and wants to check it out himself. At the end of it all, Ulysses swears he’s got clean hands. He just wanted to know if Grace was his kiddo.

Based on when Grace was born and his fling with Vivian, she might not be Feng’s kid. Ulysses messed with Grace’s drink at the afterparty to snag some DNA for a test. Ulysses spills that his bro was ticked off when he thought Grace might be his kid, so he was kinda stressed about Feng. Ulysses shares that Edgar knew what was up with him and Vivian. Also, Ulysses thought Edgar figured Grace was his kid and maybe tried to spill the beans to his wife.

Feng, pissed about the whole thing, might have offed Edgar to hide who Grace really is. Wrapping up the episode, Ulysses is like, “Wasn’t me,” especially since Edgar was the dude who brought him back to his fam and spilled about Grace’s real folks. Once Ulysses is out, Danner thinks Feng might have a reason to take out Edgar.

Feng’s been acting sketchy, and not helping with the digging just makes it look worse. Maybe Feng did it, like the episode’s big reveal hinted. Since Ulysses thinks Feng’s getting in the way of Vivian, maybe he’s trying to point fingers at Feng. Right at the end, we hear that Zoe found Kyler, the guy with the camera Feng got for the wedding. So now, Aniq and Danner have some solid stuff to back their theories about what really happened to Edgar.

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