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The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: “Danner’s Fire”

Season 2 episode 6 of The Afterparty revealed that Quentin Devereaux started the fires. There were a number of possible culprits, but Danner knew pretty well that Devereaux was the one responsible. Moreover, she was mad at Aniq for failing to consider the possibility that Zoe and her family had murdered the groom.

What Happened In The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 6?

The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 6 Recap
Source: The Afterparty, Apple TV+

The episode begins with Danner telling Aniq to keep his cool while looking into it. Danner explains to him that she didn’t quit the police to write books. Her online persona as a famous novelist is fake, and she quit her job as a detective after losing her nerve. After catching Yasper, Danner was put on the job of looking into a bunch of fires, she says. Leonard Vurr, the suspect, was nabbed by the cops. Leonard just got out of jail after being jailed for starting fires again and again.

Plus, he’s connected to two of the three businesses that were burned down. Leonard says he’s always loved fire, but after talking with Dr. Quentin Devereaux, who’s good with pyromaniacs and other weird behavior, he stopped setting fires. Danner first talks to Dr. Devereaux about Leonard, but they quickly fall for each other. Dr. Devereaux, though, backs Leonard and says he doesn’t start fires anymore.

Danner’s trying to think like an arsonist. Dr. Devereaux asks Danner out and offers to help with her investigation. Dr. Devereaux and Danner get together after a heartfelt talk. Zoe talks to Uncle Ulysses as Danner tells Aniq racy details of her time with Dr. Devereaux. Zoe wonders why Ulysses left the family when they reminisce about growing up with Grace (Poppy Liu).

But they’re interrupted when they find Travis (Paul Walter Hauser) drinking a tea made from Devil’s Trumpet flowers to see if it’s deadly stuff. Although Travis insists he’s taken a tiny bit, Zoe and Ulysses know better because of all the tea he’s drunk. That’s why Zoe and Ulysses have to get the poison out of Travis. Danner lets Leonard go when Dr. Devereaux says he didn’t start the fires. Dr. Devereaux asks Danner out again, but her colleague, Detective Culp, tells her to keep her distance from anyone tied to the case.

Ulysses tries to help Travis, who’s seeing things because of the flowers. Talking to Dr. Devereaux, Danner admits she found out Leonard was mixed up with the third building that was destroyed. Danner finds Leonard and is embarrassed by her messed-up thinking. She looks into Dr. Devereaux’s place after Leonard’s arrest and finds proof linking him to the fires. Danner figures out that Dr. Devereaux started the fires and that Leonard was framed by stashing proof in the doctor’s trunk.

Dr. Devereaux, though, realizes that Danner’s onto him. So he ties Danner to his bed, sets his place on fire, and leaves her to die. Luckily, Danner had called Detective Culp, and he saved her just in time. Danner gets out without a scratch, but Dr. Devereaux gets away and is never found. Feeling guilty, Danner decides to quit the police. Now, Danner has convinced Aniq to take a fair view on Edgar’s murder and to look into Zoe’s family as possible suspects. Aniq promises to keep his head clear.

Ulysses, meantime, stops Travis from falling for the poisoned drink. The flowers were killer, but Travis shows that anyone in the house could have made tea from them and killed Edgar (Zach Woods). Zoe sneaks into the room where Edgar was killed and finds a teapot he left behind in the last minutes of the episode. This hints that Zoe knows more about what happened to Edgar.

But Zoe probably hid the teapot from her sister to keep her safe. After hearing Sebastian on the phone, Isabel comes in, forcing Zoe to hide. As a result, Zoe locks the teapot in the bathroom and hides. Zoe might be acting because she cares for her sister, but Danner has made her biased. At the end of the episode, Aniq and the viewers are left wondering what’s driving each family and whether one of them might be the murderer.

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