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The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Is That Sebastian?

It’s one weird idea that walks a tightrope of becoming its own worst enemy. Cause it’s the same stuff, just reheated in each episode, and if it starts feeling like Groundhog Day, that could be game over. Thankfully, that hasn’t happened yet. The show keeps dishing out the goods. We’re now talking about the things in episode 4 of The Afterparty season 2.

What Happened In The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 4?

The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 4 Recap
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We saw Travis yakking about how he and Hannah (Anna Konkle) wanted to mess up Edgar (Zach Woods) and Grace’s wedding. Travis thought Edgar was deep in a Bitcoin scam, while Hannah’s reasons were a little hazy. A typewriter key that belonged to Hannah was found in Edgar’s pocket, and her stash of poisonous plants made her a prime suspect. So what’s up with Hannah? Turns out she was totally smitten with Grace (Poppy Liu). Remember when Hannah filled in for Edgar as Grace’s sidekick when he was out of town (in episode 2)?

That’s when their love story began to bloom. Grace felt guilty every time they were together, knowing it wasn’t right but still digging Hannah’s company. She started to have feelings for Hannah but never stopped loving Edgar. Caught between two loves, Grace decided to stick with what was normal. Hannah didn’t care about Edgar being in the picture; as long as she could hang out with Grace, she was cool.

Before saying “I do,” Grace decided she was done with Hannah. She was confused and decided to make things right. Hannah was heartbroken. No two ways about it. She tried to forget Grace, but it seemed nearly impossible. Despite Hannah’s feelings, Grace was dead set on marrying Edgar. At the rehearsal dinner, Hannah tried to get Grace’s attention by hanging with Travis.

She’d asked Grace to come to her yurt before the wedding and wrote her a letter, but Grace was a no-show. Hannah was about to throw in the towel, but Grace’s uncle Ulysses told her to hang in there. So, she teamed up with Travis to try and stop the wedding. Hannah, acting as the wedding officiator, asked Travis to make a fuss during the ceremony and show proof of Edgar’s crimes. She hoped the evidence would put the kibosh on the wedding. But when Hannah saw Edgar and Grace exchange vows, she had a change of heart.

She saw how madly in love her brother was with Grace and decided to back off for his sake. Edgar was the only one who really got her and her weird ways. Hannah didn’t want her own wants to screw up her bro’s future, so she scrapped the plan. She decided to spend the year travelling the world, and before she left, she gave the “G” key to Edgar as it reminded her of Grace. Hannah believed Edgar should have it. Life without Grace would be as tough as trying to type sentences without the “g” key, but Hannah was ready to tackle this problem.

Sebastian seemed pretty shady. He was trying his best to get everyone on his side and was way too interested in Edgar’s money. In episode 3, Sebastian seemed to have figured out a key password, all thanks to his convo with Travis. The night before the wedding, he mentioned losing a business partner, which didn’t really add up since Edgar’s marriage shouldn’t shake up their business.

Detectives Danner and Aniq figured that Edgar and Sebastian had broken up. This also explained why Sebastian was now calling the shots in Edgar’s business, using his death to his advantage. This made him super suspicious as the guy who might’ve poisoned Edgar, given he couldn’t let go and was ticked off at Edgar for kicking him to the curb. Sebastian even got Feng, Zoe’s dad, to help him close a business deal, showing he was already making moves for Edgar.

The fourth episode of Season 2 wrapped up with Sebastian impersonating Edgar to convince a client that a deal was on the up and up. Whether he killed Edgar is still up in the air, but he’s definitely up to no good. We’re expecting to get his version of things in the next episode. As for “The Afterparty”, it’s all about sniffing out the liar. Up till now, Grace has been hiding her relationship with Hannah. Makes sense since she was about to marry Edgar, and spilling the beans about her fling after his death would’ve worsened a bad situation.

Hannah is still hung up on Grace, but the feelings aren’t mutual, or so Grace says when Zoe asks her about Hannah. For Grace, it was a short-lived fling with Hannah, and chances of them getting back together look slim. But, she might have fibbed to Zoe cause she was scared of her family giving her the cold shoulder. “The Afterparty” Season 2 is becoming a messy mix of love and money, both possible motives for the murder.

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