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The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Travis Or Hannah?

In the previous episodes of The Afterparty, we found out that Grace (Poppy Liu) was really bummed about Edgar (Zach Woods) not being there because of work. She felt relieved when Edgar swore he’d fix things for her. But on their wedding night, Grace spiked Edgar’s drink with Adderall to keep him awake for the afterparty. The next morning, she woke up next to his dead body. Now, Grace is the main suspect for poisoning him, and her sister Zoe is determined to prove her innocence. Check out episode 3 of The Afterparty, season 2 recap below.

What Happened In The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 3?

The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 3 Recap
Source: The Afterparty, Apple TV+

Danner, Zoe, and Aniq found some meds and a cuff link with the letter G on it. Zoe said finding the other cuff link will show who did it. They also know when Edgar died, around half an hour after Grace took him to the room. Since Grace saw Travis (Paul Walter Hauser) when she opened the door, he became the next suspect.

Travis told Aniq and Danner that he believes Edgar was in some huge crypto scam. He went to the wedding because Grace sent him a hidden note. Travis tends to see everything as a hidden message. He looked into Edgar’s crypto stuff and found out all the big investors were actually Edgar’s own companies. That means Edgar was ripping everyone off.

Meanwhile, Zoe talked to Grace and helped her out of her wedding dress. Zoe showed Grace the cuff link, but Grace said it’s actually a typewriter key. The only person with typewriters is Hannah (Anna Konkle), Edgar’s adopted sis. Even though Grace was still mad at Zoe, she agreed to help her search Hannah’s yurt because Zoe needed her help.

As for Travis, he crashed the rehearsal dinner to find clues about Edgar’s crypto and save Grace. Travis talked to guests, including Edgar’s mom, who freaked out when he mentioned her son and crypto. He thought something was fishy. Later, he met Aniq, and when Aniq wanted to change tables, Travis thought it was another hidden note.

According to Travis, Hannah fancied him and asked him to join her outside. But he said no because she’s Edgar’s sister. He left the party and went to Edgar’s office, where the crypto stash was. He found some lists and books, and a map of Patagonia with a pin. Before Travis could learn more, Sebastian caught him and thought he was trying to break into the stash.

Edgar’s crypto is called “Bucephalus,” like that horse of Alex the Great. Travis wanna grab some and thought Sebastian could help. He tried to break into the stash and found what looked like a code. Travis thought Edgar wanted to fake his death and go to Patagonia. The list had different identities he could use.

On the big day, Travis thought Hannah wanted to stop the wedding. But they don’t know why, especially since she’s close to Grace. While Zoe and Grace were in Hannah’s yurt, they found a typewriter without the G key. Before they could figure out Hannah’s motive, Hannah came in, so they ditched through the window. They argued about Zoe always trying to protect Grace, which Grace didn’t like.

As Zoe walked away, Grace warned her about the toxic plants around. Meanwhile, Travis told Aniq and Danner that his deal with Hannah didn’t work. Hannah didn’t give him the signal to stop the wedding. Either she didn’t want trouble, or Edgar found out and made sure she wouldn’t screw up. After the wedding, Travis trailed Edgar after the first dance. Travis said he got hit on the head because he was getting near the real deal, but Aniq thinks he just fell.

Are Travis Or Hannah The Murderer?

The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 3 Ending
Source: The Afterparty, Apple TV+

Travis waking up and looking for a place to sleep at the afterparty. He yelled at Edgar, saying he would die, but Edgar said random stuff and called Travis the devil. Travis didn’t go in the room and slept outside, so he was the first one there when Grace screamed.

Travis talked about Edgar being a bad guy and wanting peace for Grace. Then Zoe came in and told Aniq they spotted toxic flowers in Hannah’s garden. They narrowed it down to three, and one of them causes trippin’ and dying. It was in the centerpieces, so Hannah put it there intentionally. Now they’re wondering what Hannah’s story will spill.

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