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Who Is Steven Lee Hall JR From Naked And Afraid?

Steven Lee Hall Jr is a well-known survivalist and reality television star hailing from Amarillo, Texas. Born on March 28, 1983, he has made appearances on shows like Naked & Afraid and Naked & Afraid XL, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. One of the moments in his survival journey involved encountering a rattlesnake.

About Steven Lee Hall JR From Naked And Afraid

Steven Lee Hall JR From Naked And Afraid
Source: Naked And Afraid, Discovery

Steven was born in Amarillo to parents named Debbie (his mother) and Steven Sr. (his father). When he was nine years old, the family relocated to Orlando, Florida. At a young age, both his father and grandfather taught survivalist skills and knowledge to him.

Personal Life

Hall Jr. Is happily married to Jenniffer Negron. The couple got engaged in 2016 at Cadillac Ranch after dating for two years. When Hall Jr. Got down on one knee and proposed to Jenniffer Negron, he expressed, “She means the world to me and now Amarillo holds much significance, for her as it does for me.”


Hall is also an artist who has honed his skills through self-learning. He is known by the pseudonym Nevets Killjoy. Before pursuing art, he worked as a bartender at establishments in downtown Orlando, Florida.

Steven Lee Hall JR In Naked And Afraid

Steven Lee Hall Jr. Gained recognition as a participant in the season of the widely popular Discovery Channel series Naked & Afraid XL. Prior to that season, he also competed in the Naked & Afraid on Discovery Channel.

Steven’s appearances on Naked & Afraid, Naked & Afraid XL, and Beyond The Tattoo have showcased his survival abilities and unwavering endurance. These shows have highlighted his adaptability to conditions and his ability to conquer mental obstacles. As a survivalist, he has displayed resilience and resourcefulness in the face of adversity.