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‘Special Ops: Lioness’ Episode 7 Preview: Questions & Release Date

As we inch closer to episode 7 of “Special Ops: Lioness,” titled “Wish The Fight Way,” the excitement and anticipation are almost tangible. The episode that preceded this one left us swirling in a storm of feelings, tangled relationships, and missions filled with peril. The characters are set to face both personal and professional hurdles, and the episode on the horizon teases even more unexpected twists.

Look Back: ‘Special Ops: Lioness’ Episode 6

“The Lie Is The Truth” took us on an emotional ride filled with cunning strategies. Joe, Kaitlyn, and Byron found themselves entangled in the intricate web of their mission, while Cruz Manuelos (Laysla De Oliveira)’s emotional connection with Aaliyah (Stephanie Nur) deepened. They were put under the microscope at the White House and interrogated about their recent deeds and what lay ahead. Cruz’s growing attachment to Aaliyah and the questions it raised about her allegiance and the mission’s fate also became a central theme.

‘Special Ops: Lioness’ Episode 7 Preview

Special Ops Lioness Episode 7 Preview
Source: Special Ops Lioness, Paramount+

The episode that awaits us is a melting pot of emotional dilemmas and tactical conundrums. Cruz’s unforeseen closeness with Aaliyah will likely take center stage, sparking doubts about whether her emotions will hinder the mission. With the White House stepping in and rebranding the mission as Operation Yellowjacket, Joe, Kaitlyn, and Byron find themselves at a junction.

Will they comply, or will they find a path to reclaim control? The discovery of Aaliyah’s wedding venue in Majorca adds a new twist. Could it be the stage for a dramatic face-off? And the enigmatic mole in Qudrah Petrol still lurks; their identity and part in the unfolding drama could be a pivotal turning point.

Questions and Thoughts for Episode 7

  • Cruz’s Emotional Maze: Can Cruz keep her feelings for Aaliyah separate from her duty, or will she put the mission at risk?
  • Joe’s Battle for Control: How will Joe maneuver through the complex situation of losing command to the White House? Will she discover a hidden path to guide the mission?
  • The Mole’s Influence: Is the unknown mole in Qudrah Petrol an ally or a foe to Joe’s team, and what role might they play in shaping the mission’s destiny?
  • The Majorca Face-Off: Could the Majorca wedding be the setting for a critical operation, possibly involving a missile attack, as hinted previously?

Release Date & Where To Watch?

The forthcoming episode, “Wish The Fight Way,” is all set to air on Paramount+ on Sunday, August 27, 2023, at 3:00 AM (ET). With a duration of 45 minutes, it’s available for viewing on Paramount+ for those with a subscription.