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Special Ops: Lioness Episode 5 Recap: “Truth Is the Shrewdest Lie”

Episode 5 of Paramount’s Special Ops: Lioness is as thrilling as ever, with wearing night-vision goggles army forces moving and explosives going off. Joe and her men rushed to Cruz’s aid when she was knocked out with a date-rape drug in the previous episode, but the CIA was mad at them for what they did. In addition, Joe’s pregnant daughter was just in a car crash. With so much going on, she’s got to juggle many tasks without messing up. People are guessing about what happened in the previous episodes in this fifth installment.

What Happened In Special Ops: Lioness Episode 5 Recap?

Special Ops: Lioness Episode 5 Recap
Source: Special Ops: Lioness, Paramount+

In the opening scene of Special Ops: Lioness Episode 5, titled “Truth Is the Shrewdest Lie,” Cruz Manuelos (Laysla De Oliveira) wakes up at the safe home. The QRF crew, led by Bobby (Jill Wagner), gets Cruz ready to get back into action once she’s over the last event. Joe and Kaitlyn, in the meantime, visit their daughter Kate in the hospital, where she’s having surgery after a car crash.

The operation is a success, and the doctor tells Kate she didn’t have any big nerve damage. Kate’s really hurt and has a long way to get better. The doctor also spills the beans that Kate’s body didn’t react well to the pregnancy. Kaitlyn lets Joe spend a few hours with her kid before she has to head back to work. While everything’s happening, Neal and Kaitlyn talk about how hard it is for Joe to be away from her kids and family for work.

But Kaitlyn tells Neal that he shouldn’t give up on her since Joe’s the boss of national security. But then Kate wakes up and finds Joe by her side. Joe says she’s sorry for the time she had to be away from her kid because of work in a heart-to-heart chat with her daughter. After asking about Kate’s past, Joe spills the beans that she was already hitched to another guy when she got pregnant.

Kate and Joe make up when she says sorry for giving Joe the cold shoulder. Before heading back to work, Joe hangs out with Neal and her younger daughter, Charlie. Joe eventually shows up for a quick talk with Kyle. The agents are grilled and chewed out by Byron Westfield, their CIA boss. Westfield is mad that Joe gave Kyle his team and warns her not to use his stuff for shady stuff.

While Kyle says he’s got a lead on big-shot terrorist targets thanks to the guy he saved from certain death, Westfield thinks they can hide the Lioness QRF team’s part in the Texas extraction job if they can grab these folks. Kyle says his sources think the six suspects will be at a wise home near San Antonio, Texas. So, Westfield gives the thumbs up for an operation to grab the targets while they’re still alive.

But he warns Joe and Kyle that if anything messes up, they’ll have to give up control of the operation and be under a lot more scrutiny. So, the team has to successfully grab the targets without anyone getting hurt. Joe heads back to the hideout to gather her crew before meeting Kyle in the command center that Kaitlyn has set up. After finding out that their planned targets are packing heat, Joe, Kaitlyn, and Kyle have to rethink their plan.

In the episode’s climax, Joe’s squad and Kyle are called into action after learning that the terrorists’ planned targets are armed with guns. Terrorists are armed with guns and explosives, making the task tougher than expected. This makes it super hard, if not impossible, to grab them alive. So, Kaitlyn gets ready for a backup plan where she and the terrorists blow up the safe home along with the explosives.

In addition, Cruz wants to go on the trip because she thinks it’ll show what she’s made of. Joe brings her into the group. Kaitlyn warns Joe and Cruz to keep cool heads in the field by not all thinking the same. Joe’s squad grabs their targets during the ambush, but one of them is wearing a suicide vest, so the troops have no other option but to kill him. This puts the operation at risk, and Joe has no choice but to give up the area to the bomb squad. But it’s risky to try to take off the explosive vest or even touch it.

Joe’s squad pulls back, the area is cleared out, and the bomb that would otherwise blow up the safe house and kill the targets is put on hold. Errol Meade, Kaitlyn’s husband, tells her that the San Antonio mission has been on national news when she gets home. So, it makes sense to think that the operation didn’t work, even if no innocent people were hurt.

So now the CIA’s top brass have more reason to watch Joe and her group. Cruz gets a call from Aaliyah Amrohi (Stephanie Nur) towards the end of the episode. Cruz successfully gets back in touch with her target while she talks with Aaliyah. In addition, Joe’s team has to make up for it after recent setbacks, and Cruz might lead them to key targets with ties to Aaliyah and her family. Joe goes back to her family, but she and Neal are struggling with the stress of her job, and it looks like they might be splitting up.

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