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Special Ops Lioness Episode 2 Recap: “The Beating”

In the second episode, we get a quick glance at Joe and her clan’s life, painting a pic that ain’t much different from our own, just sprinkled with some spy stuff and risks. Joe and her dude, Neil, might have different jobs, but they both play the same deadly games. Nobody could’ve missed Cruz’s shine in the first episode of “Special Ops: Lioness,” and we all knew she was gonna knock it out of the park as a hotshot agent.

What Happened In Special Ops Lioness Episode 2?

Special Ops Lioness Episode 2 Recap
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Special Ops Lioness episode 2 kicks off with Joe having a chill chat with Kaitlyn Meade, her CIA boss. They’re gabbing about Joe’s latest spy chase with Kamal Amrohi, a businessman with a few dirty secrets, mainly his connections to some mean groups. Joe lets out that her newest rookie, Cruz Manuelos (Laysla De Oliveira), has managed to get in with her target, Aaliyah Amrohi (Stephanie Nur). With Cruz all settled in the love city, Paris, Joe’s hanging out in the city that’s always awake, New York.

Even though Meade gives Joe control of the job, she drops a hint to Joe’s way about the risks of keeping her new agent too close to the mark. Moreover, Joe’s personal biz isn’t all fun and games either. Meade throws a sneaky poke at Joe’s family situation, hinting at a dark past hovering over them. In the meantime, Joe’s eldest kiddo, the firecracker Kate, is caught up in an ugly school scrap after some meanies decide to pick on her race.

On the other side, Neil, Joe’s main squeeze, who’s also a doctor, is swamped with a little patient fighting a tough enemy, a nasty brain tumor. After a tussle with the little one’s dad, Neil ends up having to fetch Kate from school ’cause she’s been benched. At home, he grills Kate for her antics and, like any dad would, takes away her phone. When Joe gets back to base, she’s filled in on the day’s happenings and works her charm to calm the upset folks in the house before spending some chill time with Neil.

However, their cozy time is cut short as their jobs pull them away. In the meantime, our fearless agent Cruz, finds herself snatched from her crib in the middle of the night during a jog. She’s held prisoner and gets a hard time from some rough guys. The plot twist? Joe’s the brain behind Cruz’s capture. She’s giving Cruz a tough time in a SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) test. Joe makes it simple for Cruz, it’s just a matter of time before her cover is blown, and she’ll be under the spotlight, getting grilled for info.

So, Joe wants to find out just how much Cruz can take before she cracks to plan any possible rescue mission. After a quick trip down memory lane about Cruz’s past, Joe leaves her to more pain. But, the test is cut short by an alert cop on the scene. Joe fights for her view, arguing it’s really important to find out Cruz’s limits given the mission to end the life she’s on. However, she eventually backs off on the test and takes Cruz away to the hideout where the rest of her Lioness program crew are holed up.

As the episode starts to wrap up, Cruz is told to crash with the rest of the task force led by the tough but fair Bobby (Jill Wagner). After getting cleaned up, Cruz sits down for a friendly drink with her new crew, during which she lets out the beans about the SERE test. This news, especially the brutal and unofficial nature of the test, pisses off Bobby.

She decides to stand up for Cruz and tracks down the cops who carried out the SERE test. They find them at a local pub and, showing support, Bobby and her team start a fight with the cops. The fight is cut short when one of them lets out that the test had Joe’s okay from the start. The team has to back off from the bar scrap when Cruz gets an unexpected ring from Aaliyah, her target.

Aaliyah drops a bomb. She’s in Atlanta and wants to meet Cruz. Cruz tries to dodge the meeting with the excuse of a car crash, but Aaliyah’s not buying it and gets Cruz to agree to meet her. This fast phone talk suggests that Cruz has played her cards right so far, her cover’s still good and she’s managed to get on Aaliyah’s good side.

However, Joe’s hardcore moves could throw a wrench in the works, especially if she keeps pushing Cruz to her limits. As the show ends, it hints at the chance of Cruz getting closer to the team’s big target, Aaliyah’s dad Kamal. But it also underlines the building buddy feeling between Cruz and her new team.

The show drives home the truth of Cruz’s job, and she’s walking a tightrope and, just like Joe’s last rookie, she might not make it out alive if her cover is blown. While Joe looks really focused on protecting her rookie, she’s also fully aware of the threat they’re up against, turning this job into a risky spy game. It’ll be cool to see if Cruz’s growing friendship with Bobby and the others will be a help or a pain in the risky spy game she’s caught up in.

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