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Who Plays Quentin “Q” In The Chi? Meet Steven Williams

In “The Chi,” a riveting Showtime series, the mysterious Quentin “Q” Dickinson comes to life through the acting prowess of Steven Williams. This seasoned kingpin from the Southside of Chicago makes a grand return to his old stomping grounds, creating ripples across the neighborhood. Far from being a mere criminal, Q embodies a guardian-like figure, particularly for Alicia’s family.

A key player in young Rob’s upbringing, he ensures the boy’s well-being. But when his death is met with chilling indifference, it drives Alicia on a quest for justice, unraveling the entwined threads of family, lawlessness, and the relentless pursuit of truth. Quentin “Q” is played by the actor Steven Williams.

Meet Steven Williams as Quentin “Q” In The Chi

Steven Williams as Quentin "Q" In The Chi
Source: The Chi, SHOWTIME

Born on January 7, 1949, in Memphis, Tennessee, Steven Williams has crafted an enviable career in both film and television. His upbringing was split between different family members in Chicago, Michigan, and Millington, Tennessee. Married to talent agent Ann Geddes, Steven is the proud father of two daughters.


Steven attended Wendell Phillips High School in Chicago. His academic journey took him to the General Motors Institute, an automaker’s engineering school. Before stepping into the world of acting, he donned various hats, including that of a postal carrier, salesman, and model.

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With an online family of over 8,000 followers, Steven Williams occasionally shares glimpses of his personal life and works on Instagram.

Best Movies And TV Shows

Steven’s versatile career spans decades. He’s celebrated for roles like Captain Adam Fuller in “21 Jump Street,” Lt. Burnett in “The Equalizer,” and Det. August Brooks in “L.A. Heat.” His recurring role as X in “The X-Files” and appearances in movies like “The Blues Brothers” and “Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday” have cemented his reputation.

Who Murdered Quentin “Q”?

In a shocking twist, Douda takes Q’s life. The plot thickens as Douda and Tracy discuss this deadly decision, with Douda likening himself to darkness. He firmly states his intent to eliminate Q, despite Tracy’s emotional plea. The tragic end comes when Douda arrives at Q’s house and shoots him multiple times. In a harrowing scene, Victor accompanies Douda as they finish off Q in the trunk of a car.

Douda’s choice of Victor reveals an ominous intention, hinting at a game of power and leverage. This thrilling narrative portrays intriguing characters, intense relationships, and a world where the lines between right and wrong are constantly blurred. The textured portrayal by Steven Williams adds depth to the enigmatic Q, drawing the audience into a web of drama and intrigue.