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Who Voices Queen Bee In Helluva Boss? Meet Kesha Sebert

Who voices Queen Bee in Helluva Boss? The Queen Bee episode includes the guest voice of American vocalist Kesha Sebert as the voice of Queen Bee or Beelzebub. Kesha co-wrote the episode’s “Cotton Candy” tune with Drew Pearson. Beelzebub’s vocal singing voice was by Rochelle Diamante.

Queen Bee’s style might be inspired by the Zoophobia character JayJay, who is understood for showing up in Medrano’s widely known computer-animated video adjustment of Ke$ha’s track, “Die Young.” Before this episode, Vivziepop specified numerous times that she would certainly desire Ke$ha, her favored vocalist, to star someday in an episode in any program she produced. And now, if you’re interested in Kesha, let’s check out some interesting facts listed below.

About Kesha, Who Voices Queen Bee In Helluva Boss

Queen Bee In Helluva Boss
Kesha voices Queen Bee in Helluva Boss, Source: Helluva Boss, YouTube

Kesha Rose Sebert, born March 1, 1987, aka Ke$ha, is an American vocalist, songwriter, rapper, and actress.


Her mom was a well-known singer and songwriter and also a reputable name in the music industry, making it in some way simple for Kesha to do a job in her music career. Nonetheless, when Kesha was born, the family members’ monetary problems were not great. Patricia was a single mother and raised Kesha and her older brother, Lagan.

Kesha has freely confessed that she has no idea concerning her father. However, she believes Mick Jagger to be her actual natural father.

Who is Kesha Dating Now?

Presently, Kesha remains in a partnership with movie manufacturer Riccardo Maddalosso, a movie manufacturer. Maddalosso is acknowledged for his payments to movies such as “Armageddon Time” (2022 ), “El Planeta” (2021 ), together with “Harka” (2022 ).

Dating History

She has remained in a partnership with Brad Ashenfelter since 2014. However, she had not married yet. They reported fulfilling the first time via Kesha’s hair stylist and afterward began today. Both live in Venice with 3 cats, Charlie, Mr. Peeps, and Queso.

She formerly related to some individuals: T-Pain (2011), Alex Carapetis (2010), Justin Bieber, and 2 Chainz. Kesha likewise reported having a partnership with Adam Lambert. She is open concerning her bisexuality and has done events for gay pairs.

Kesha’s Acting Career And Movies


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Kesha has shown up in 35 MVs, 8 being the guest star. She has shown up in a total amount of 7 movies. She has also appeared in TV programs like Nashville, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Victorious. In Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” video, she initially made a cameo look, though she was unidentified after that. Kesha decreased to show up in the video to Flo Rida’s enormously effective solitary “Right Round,” that which she supplied visitor vocals.

In 2015, Kesha showed up in the mid-credits scene of the movie ‘Jem and the Holograms as Pizzazz, the leader of the competing band to Jem, plus the Holograms, The Misfits. On August 10, 2018, she launched her docudrama brief movie ‘Rainbow: The Film’ on Apple Music. It follows her individual battles, the Rainbow: The Film production, and her efficiency at the Grammy’s.

Kesha’s Movies And TV Shows

  • ‘Bravo Supershow’ in 2007
  • ‘Last Flesh’ in 2009
  • ‘Walt Disney’s Princess Ke$ha’ in 2011
  • ‘Katy Perry’s Part of Me’ in 2012
  • ‘Jem and the Holograms’ in 2015
  • ‘A Ghost Story in 2017
  • ‘Rainbow: The Film’ in 2018
  • ‘Helluva Boss’ in 2023

She Had Songs In The Simpsons

If you did not anticipate the Simpsons to detect among the most popular musicians of her time after that, you have not been viewing the show enough time. Throughout its lengthy background, this show has taken care to detect almost every prominent fad, musician, and flick that it can use throughout its performance at least one or two times.

Viewing exactly how Kesha was among the largest musicians ahead of her generation, it was a type of notice that the Simpsons would certainly note this and locate a means to utilize her tunes in their show. You can check the song here.