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Outlander Season 7 Episode 6 Recap: “Where the Waters Meet”

In Outlander Season 7 Episode 6, titled “Where the Waters Meet,” lots of stories happen, showing our main guys getting over hurdles, making new pals, and dealing with the aftermath of past stuff. Rob Cameron and Roger MacKenzie, even with old beef, now find things in common in their shared love for Gaelic culture.

What Happened In Outlander Season 7 Episode 6?

Outlander Season 7 Episode 6 Recap
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The episode starts with Jamie and Claire leading a bunch of folks through a forest to safety. All’s quiet until some British soldiers show up, pretending to be Native Americans to scare the crowd. Jamie and his young cousin Ian step up and get rid of them. Claire, meanwhile, sneaks away to find Mrs. Raven, who’s scared of Native Americans.

Poor Mrs. Raven gets so scared she ends up murdering herself right in front of Claire. After this shocking event, one of the British soldiers grabs Claire. Jamie and Ian notice she’s gone after they’ve dealt with their enemies. Ian (John Bell) runs off to the fort to get her back, banking on the British not being suspicious of Native Americans, who are supposed to be their buddies.

Inside the fort, William Ransom (Charles Vandervaart) is telling his bosses he couldn’t deliver letters because of an accident. He also spills the beans about Samuel Cartwright being a rebel. His boss reveals that those letters were meant for British spies hidden in the Continental Army. Claire meets another prisoner, Walter, who’s sick with an embolism.

She asks William for medical supplies to help the other prisoners. William then realizes Claire is the boss lady of Fraser’s Ridge and Claire figures out the soldier is Jamie’s son. Despite Claire doing her best with the supplies from William, Walter dies. Ian and William, feeling obligated to help, get Claire out of there. Elsewhere, Roger MacKenzie starts teaching Gaelic at his kid Jemmy’s school.

While handing out some Gaelic songs, he accidentally shares his journal, and Brianna’s workmate, Rob Cameron, reads it. Rob introduces himself to Roger, and somehow manages to score an invite to dinner at the MacKenzies’. The final scene the episode leaves us wondering why Roger hits someone.

Turns out Jemmy’s been telling stories about meeting a nuckelavee, a freaky horse-like creature from Orcadian folklore. Roger realizes there’s an intruder at Lallybroch, who he recognizes after a chase as William “Buck” Buccleigh MacKenzie, an illegitimate son of Dougal MacKenzie and time traveler Geillis Duncan, who was born in the 20th century. Buck, being a distant relative of Roger’s, has been hanging around Lallybroch pretending to be the nuckelavee.

Roger’s punch isn’t the first time they’ve met. Previously, Roger was sent back in time for Brianna and bumped into Morag MacKenzie, Buck’s wife, who might be Roger’s great-great-grandmother. Buck freaked out seeing a stranger hugging his wife and attacked Roger, even tried to hang him. Roger survived, but the memory of it stuck with him, and punching Buck was payback. We’ll probably find out why Buck traveled through time and if it was to scare his kids Jemmy and Amanda in future episodes.

At the same time, we find out why Jamie decides to stick with the Militia even though the Revolutionary War has started. Jamie wanted to fight for the Rebels at first after Claire and Brianna taught him about American history. But then he realized the war wasn’t so black and white, and he didn’t want to fight against his son William and the Mohawks, who were related to Ian.

He also felt for the Rebels and their demands. He wanted to go back to Scotland to avoid the war but ended up stuck in the Militia, fighting for the Rebels. When the Rebels pull back from Fort Ticonderoga, Jamie’s supposed to be done with his service. But after a chat with Daniel Morgan, who leads a group of riflemen, Jamie decides to stay, realizing his friends need him.

He gets that the war isn’t just about him but also about looking out for his friends. With this new understanding and knowing the British Army’s plans against the Continental Army, Jamie knows he can’t just ditch his group. He sees the war as bigger than his personal life and feels a duty to his buddies, which makes him say yes to Morgan’s ask to stick around.

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