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Outlander Season 7 Episode 5 Recap: “Singapore”

In Outlander season 7, episode 5, crazy episode happened during Denny, Rachel, and Williams’s trip north. Surprisingly young Ian (John Bell) also had some nice shocks when he reluctantly visited his ex-wife Emily’s village because of the war. Also, Jemmy Nuckelavee’s stories kept exciting viewers in this episode, with Roger wondering if there could be some truth to them after seeing stuff along the road and sensing Mandy’s fear.

What Happened In Outlander Season 7 Episode 5?

Outlander Season 7 Episode 5 Recap
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The episode “Singapore” starts with Brianna and Roger MacKenzie’s son, Jeremiah “Jem” MacKenzie, searching for Jamie’s grave in the Lallybroch cemetery with his sister Amanda. Meanwhile, Brianna starts her job as a plant inspector, kicking off a project visit on her day. Unfortunately, Brianna gets dissed by her colleagues, Rob Cameron and his buddies, who lock her up in a tunnel. However, Brianna manages to beat this problem.

She encounters something that spooks her and makes her block her ears. In the 18th-century storyline, Jamie’s valuable predictions about the British army’s movements are ignored by his boss, General Fermoy. Denzell and Rachel Hunter are on the way to Fort Ticonderoga, with Denzell hoping to join the Continental Army as a surgeon. William (Charles Vandervaart) decides to team up with the Hunters and travel together, sharing a part of their adventures.

On the road, they meet a farmer who tries to hurt them to get back their stolen jewelry. Luckily, William protects the siblings and deals with the farmer, keeping them safe. In a twist, the farmer’s wife confesses to murdering travelers for loot. Meanwhile, Jamie gets news that his cousin, Simon Fraser, is leading a force waiting to attack the Rebels at Fort Ticonderoga.

As William continues his journey, he says goodbye to the Hunters near the fort and starts a trip to deliver some letters. The Hunters find themselves at the fort, where Denzell joins up with Claire to help while Rachel meets up with Ian. During his visit to the Mohawk village he once lived in, Ian runs into his partner, Emily. It turns out that Emily’s son is seen as Ian’s “spirit,” and she asks him to name the kid “Ian James.”

Jamie figures out upon reaching Fort Ticonderoga that their spot puts them in danger of an attack by the British Army. The nearby hill poses a threat as it works as a spot for enemy soldiers to set up camp and launch cannon fire at the fort. Jamie’s boss, General Fermoy, brushes off the idea of an attack on the fort despite Jamie showing how weak it is. However, Jamie’s guess turns out to be right when the British Army shows up with cannons and grabs the fort defeating the Rebels.

Facing evacuation and retreat, Jamie takes it upon himself to protect the civilians. Given the size of the British Army, the Continental Army admits they might lose and chooses to pull back from the fort to dodge a massive defeat. Even though General Fermoy foolishly suggests fighting against the odds, Jamie puts the safety of those hiding there first, including his wife, Claire.

He orders his guys to bring boats to move the civilians through waterways, knowing that it provides a getaway from marching to the fort to confront the soldiers. So Jamie gets a bunch of civilians to safety using boats, rowing one himself that carries Claire and Rachel. Meanwhile, Fermoy’s boss tells him and the remaining soldiers to collect guns while pulling back from the fort.

In “An Echo, in the Bone,” the seventh book in Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” series, the British Army takes Fort Ticonderoga, causing the Continental Army to retreat. During a meeting, Jamie accidentally fires a gun, just missing William but hitting his hat instead. Eventually, the British Army makes General Burgoyne of the Continental Army give up. As part of the surrender deal, Jamie takes his cousin Simon Fraser’s body to Scotland, where two Fraser relatives are on different sides of the war.

In the episode, Jamie and his son William might end up on different sides leading their armies. Jamie’s worst nightmares might happen as he is forced to fight against his son. However, Simon’s death gives a chance for Jamie to run from the war. He is expected to start a trip to Scotland with Claire and Young Ian while carrying his cousin’s body.

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