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Only Murders In The Building Season 3 Premiere Recap

We were left on a cliffhanger at the end of Season 2. When Oliver’s latest play’s main actor, Ben Glenroy (Paul Rudd), comes onstage, he falls, and we’re scared for his life. The third season keeps going with the story and builds the characters more: As for Mabel, she’s going to lose her place, her two built-in buddies and is scared about not having any direction, while Oliver is finally reaching his dream as a Broadway director, and Charles is happy in a new relationship. Towards the end of the two-part opening, it’s no surprise that she’s the one to suggest starting their detective podcast again.

What Happened In Only Murders In The Building Season 3 Premiere?

Only Murders In The Building Season 3 Premiere Recap
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Only Murders In The Building Season 3 premiere starts with a flashback to the night of the opening of Oliver’s new Broadway show when actor Ben Glenroy is shot and murdered. Loretta is a wannabe actress who’s wanted to be on Broadway since she was a kid but has always been turned down. Eventually, Oliver sees something in her and casts her in his next murdering mystery play, which will be his big return to the stage after the flop of ‘Splash.’ When Ben suddenly falls on stage on opening night, everyone thinks he’s dead.

Meanwhile, Oliver throws a sad after-party at his Arconia apartment. Oliver’s new play, Death Rattle, is being made, and we learn how through a bunch of flashbacks. A few months after he solves Bunny’s murder, he gets back with Charles and Mabel. At the first table read of the play, Oliver meets with Donna Demeo (Linda Emond) and her son, Cliff Demeo (Wesley Taylor), the producer.

At the table read, everyone meets Ben, a famous regular actor who can’t wait to have his first time on Broadway. Ben also shares that he’ll be working with Tobert (Jesse Williams), a documentary filmmaker, to record their time together. In the present, Oliver and his team are sad about Ben’s death and think about how it might mess up the play. But Ben shows up to the place and says that he’s still alive after nearly choking to death on his tongue while having a stomachache. Super excited, Oliver gets ready to get back to work on his play.

Ben, meantime, promises to turn things around and be better to his shipmates. But at the end of the night, Ben murdered himself by falling down the elevator. Ben has a hard time getting a grip on his role during rehearsals with Oliver at the start of the second episode, “The Beat Goes On.” Now, Oliver is doing all he can to keep his show on Broadway even though he lost his main actor on the first night.

Meanwhile, it turns out Mabel had a teen crush on Ben because of his TV show, “Girl Cop.” Mabel snapped pictures of Ben’s dead body and the murdering spot, as is now known. However, it turns out that Charles fired Ben from “Brazzos” when Ben was just eight years old. Hard feelings came up during Oliver’s play because Ben was mad at Charles.

Mabel goes to Ben’s funeral with Charles and Oliver to find out who murdered the famous actor. To make sure his producers keep his show on Broadway, Oliver leaves early to convince a play reviewer to write her review of the preview of his play. Mabel, meantime, meets Gregg (Adrian Martinez), who says he’s part of Ben’s security team. Mabel and Charles decide to go with Gregg to his place, hoping to learn more about Ben’s unexpected death.

However, Oliver has a small heart attack after reading a mean review of his play. So, to calm Oliver down, the doctor tells him to stop directing. Charles and Mabel run into trouble at the end of the episode when they find out Gregg isn’t who he says he is. Gregg was never Ben’s employee. Instead, he’s a weird follower who loves Ben. Because Charles and Mabel were near the elevator where Ben’s dead body was found, Gregg thinks they might have murdered him.

Gregg knocks out Charles and Mabel and takes them to the basement to carry out his murdering plan. Thanks to just in time arrival of Detective Biswas, a buddy of Detective Williams, Gregg is caught fast. After Ben’s murder, Gregg was seen running from the Arconia, and Detective Biswas says that he’s been following Gregg ever since. Gregg is arrested and accused of murdering Ben. Mabel, however, insists that Gregg didn’t murder him despite his crazy behavior.

Gregg was a big fan of Ben, and he even took the remembrance handkerchief that Ben gave to his staff on opening day. Ben was snapped by Mabel holding a matching handkerchief next to his face after his death. Mabel figures the guilty one was someone from the cast or crew for Oliver’s show since Ben was found with the killer’s handkerchief.

At the end of the episode, Charles and Mabel tell Oliver about it and make him record a new season of their podcast. However, it’s also hinted that Mabel’s wish to end the murdering puzzle and keep recording the podcast comes from her need to not be alone. However, the hints pointing to Ben’s murder are ready, the game’s on, and the unprofessional sleuths are back together to solve this interesting case.

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