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Who Voices Striker In Helluva Boss? Meet Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus is an American actor who voices Striker in the Helluva Boss episode “The Harvest Moon Festival.” According to Vivienne (the Welsh drag queen), Reedus, Hazbin Resort, she was satisfied for the first time they worked. At the time, nobody was cast for Striker, so Vivienne chose it did not injure to ask him to voice in Helluva Boss, to which Reedus approved because he was readily available due to the pandemic.

About Norman Reedus, Who Voices Striker In Helluva Boss

Norman Mark Reedus is an American actor, artist, and digital photographer. Norman Reedus was birthed on January 6, 1969, in Hollywood, Florida, USA, to Ira Norman Reedus and Marianne.

Personal Life

Reedus remained in a five-year chemistry with Helena Christensen from 1998 to 2003. Despite records, both were never married. Together, they have a boy, birthed in 1999. They have stayed pals, together with shared joint guardianship of their child.

In February 2005, Reedus endured a head injury when a vehicle rammed his car in Germany. His nose was rebuilt with the help of 4 screws, and his left eye outlet with titanium. In 2015, throughout the recording of Sky, Reedus met German actress Diane Kruger. Both were initially seen with each other as a pair in July 2016. In November 2018, Kruger brought to life their little girl, Nova, his second and initial kid.

He Loves Animals

Norman Reedus may massacre squirrels on “The Walking Dead,” yet he’s a pet enthusiast in the real world. He sustains the activity to finish aesthetic screening on pets, coupled with him being a feline male. Reedus has an amazing rescue feline, and he also claims that he thinks about the energetic feline as his friend.

Career, Movies, And TV Shows

Norman Reedus Voices Striker In Helluva Boss
Source: John Lamparski – Getty Images

Norman Reedus initially showed up on TV in 2003 in the series ‘Charmed.’ Hereafter, he showed up in an additional show entitled ’13 Graves.’

In 2010, the actor began playing the role of ‘Daryl Dixon’ on AMC’s television series ‘The Walking Dead.’ This series brought him many honors, such as, ‘Satellite Award’ for ‘Best Television Ensemble,’ ‘IGN Award’ for ‘Best Television Hero,’ ‘IGN People’s Choice Award’ for ‘Best Television Hero,’ and the ‘Fangoria Chainsaw Award’ for ‘Best TV Supporting Actor.’

In 2016, Reedus began organizing a reality television show entitled ‘Ride with Norman Reedus.’ Besides showing up in television programs, he has additionally articulated personalities in computer games.

Norman Reedus’ Voice Work

Reedus provided his voice together with, in some cases, similarities to different computer games. Many notoriously, the activity video game called Death Stranding focuses on his character Sam Bridges. He has voiced his The Walking Dead character, Daryl Dixon, in the 3 Walking Dead computer games: Survival Instinct, No Man’s Land, and Onslaught. Besides that, Norman Reedus also gained fame from voicing Striker in the animated series Helluva Boss.