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Who Is Nadjha Day From Love Island?

Nadjha Day participated in Season 4 of Love Island USA as one of the Islanders. She joined the show as a bombshell, alongside two contestants, Katherine Rose and Jared Hassim. Nadjha entered the villa on Day 12 and decided to leave the island on Day 31.

Get To Know Nadjha Day From Love Island

Nadjha Day From Love Island
Source: Love Island, ITV

Nadjha, born on July 21, 1999, is a college student based in Jefferson, GA but originally from Barranquilla, Colombia. Her highlights show she enjoys indulging in food, getting glammed up, and partying. She is also fond of taking selfies. Is passionate about fitness. Nadjha has a dog named Moose.

Nadjha may not like hygiene, untidy feet, and being messy. Body odor is also something she doesn’t appreciate. In the past, she worked as a waitress at Mellow Mushroom, where she served “Hippie Pizza.”

Personal Life And Social Media


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You can find her on Instagram under the username Nadjhaday. While there isn’t information about her online, her Instagram posts give some insights. Her Instagram photos show that Nadjha loves to travel and has visited parts of the world, including Europe, Asia, and Africa. In addition to her adventurous lifestyle, she also exudes intelligence.

Nadjha appears to be a kind and well-rounded person who has a spirit. Her fans will surely enjoy keeping up with her as she continues to explore the world and pursue her studies.

How About Nadjha & Jeff’s Conflict?

Regarding the aspect, Nadjha entered the villa alongside Kat and Jared. In the episode, she goes on a date with Jeff Christian, and Isaiah. It seems like she had a good connection with Isaiah. However, there is a complication as Isaiah is currently involved with Sydney, who was visibly upset upon hearing about Isaiah’s relationship with Nadjha.

While Nadjha and Jeff may have resolved their conflicts, their romantic relationship has yet to rekindle. Recently, Nadjha shared an update on her relationship with Christian through an Instagram story. She mentioned they are taking things slowly and trying to see how things evolve. Distance is a factor as they live apart, and both of them acknowledge that there is still room for growth.