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Who Plays Moss in The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart? Meet Xavier Samuel

In “River Lily,” the fourth episode of “The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart,” a caring and good-looking veterinarian named Moss appears. This moment is one where both tension and warmth blend together as Alice’s beloved dog finds itself in grave danger. Moss’s kindness and expertise come to the forefront, showing that he is more than an adept vet. His genuine affection for Alice and her pet reflects a profound sense of empathy. In this critical time, his character emanates a soothing presence, underscoring his deep care for both animals and humans alike.

Meet Xavier Samuel As Moss in The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

Xavier Samuel As Moss in The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart
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An Australian native from Hamilton, Victoria, Xavier Samuel was born on December 10, 1983. Raised by parents Clifford and Maree Samuel, he grew up with an older sister, Bridget, who manages stages, and a younger brother, Benedict, a man of many talents, including acting and producing. His early years were spent in Adelaide, South Australia, and a brief time in Darwin, all thanks to his parents’ teaching careers.


Though Xavier completed his high school years at Rostrevor College, he pursued final year drama at Christian Brothers College. This passion for drama led him to Flinders University Drama Centre, he then graduated in 2006.

Personal Life

Living a solo life at present, Xavier Samuel has had his share of romances with personalities like Marianna Palka, Emily Browning, Phoebe Tonkin, and Shermine Shahrivar. Although private, he sometimes shares glimpses of his life with over 27k followers on Instagram.

Career, Movies, And TV Shows

As a child, acting sparked a fire in Xavier’s heart. This passion guided him through drama schools and onto the screen, beginning in 2003 with “McLeod’s Daughters.” He played roles in various movies and TV shows, but true recognition didn’t come until 2007 with “September.”

He has since explored many characters, including the lead role in “The Death and Life of Otto Bloom” in 2016 and a part in the Marilyn Monroe biographical film “Blonde” in 2022, which premiered on Netflix. Most recently, he has found fame as Moss in Amazon Studios’ series, “The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart.” A rich tapestry of roles and experiences weaves together to tell the story of a man who has always felt drawn to the world of drama.


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