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Minx Season 2 Episode 7 Preview: “God closes a door, opens a glory hole”

Get ready for a whirlwind of feels and jaw-dropping moments in the next episode of ‘Minx’ Season 2, cheekily named “God closes a door, opens a glory hole.” The last episode, “This is Our Zig,” left us hanging in suspense, making us question the future of our favorite characters’ love lives and careers. So, what went down last time, and what’s in store for us? Check out the preview for Minx Season 2 Episode 7.

Look Back: Minx “This is Our Zig”

Episode 6, “This is Our Zig,” had Doug Renetti all set to pop the question to Tina before jetting off to Europe as the big boss of Minx International. At the same time, Joyce Prigger (Ophelia Lovibond) and her sis, Shelly, took a trip down memory lane at Vassar College.

Joyce was eager to wow her idol, Professor Doreen, but got a reality check when Doreen didn’t even remember her and seemed more taken with Shelly. As for Tina, she snagged the top job at Minx International, leaving Doug in the dust. The episode wrapped up with Doug questioning his worth and Tina pondering her next moves, both in her career and love life.

Minx Season 2 Episode 7 Preview

Minx Season 2 Episode 7 Preview
Source: Minx, Starz

The next episode promises to dig deep into the tangled web of relationships and career goals. Doug’s botched proposal to Tina is reaching a tipping point, especially with Tina’s new gig. Joyce and Shelly’s sisterly tension might just explode, pushing Joyce to rethink her self-absorbed ways.

Tina’s climb up the career ladder will not only strain her romance with Doug but also make her face her family’s doubts. Plus, Bambi and Richie’s clashing opinions on balancing work and life could lead to some life-altering choices.

5 Things To Notice in Season 2 Episode 7

  1. Doug’s Quandary: Will Doug go ahead and propose to Tina, or will her new job make him think twice? Could he shift gears and focus on his own career?
  2. Joyce’s Reality Check: Could Joyce’s humbling encounter with Professor Doreen be the wake-up call she needs to finally value Shelly’s sacrifices?
  3. Tina’s Tightrope Walk: How will Tina juggle her relationship with Doug and her family’s expectations? Might she reject Doug’s proposal to prioritize her career?
  4. Shelly’s Self-Discovery: After her eye-opener at Vassar, will Shelly chase her own dreams and put some distance between her and Joyce? Maybe she’ll even pen a memoir?
  5. Bambi and Richie at a Crossroads: With their differing takes on work-life balance, will Bambi and Richie go their separate ways professionally? Could Richie be eyeing a new job?

Release Date & Where to Watch

Mark your calendars for September 1, 2023, because that’s when Episode 7, “God closes a door, opens a glory hole,” hits the airwaves. You can catch it on STARZ or stream it on HBO Max. If you’re a Hulu fan, you can rent it on demand.