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Minx Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: “It’s Okay to Like It”

A half year after what went down in Minx Season 2 Episode 2, Bottom Dollar Productions is doing great, but this win is messing with some important relationships that fans are all about. Episode 3 of season 2, cheekily named “It’s Okay to Like It,” was supposed to dig into the drama, but instead, it turns the spotlight onto an episode chock full of shoutouts instead of focusing on what’s happening with Minx.

What Happened In Minx Season 2 Episode 3?

Minx Season 2 Episode 3 Recap
Source: Minx, HBO Max

The episode starts with the famous Rolling Stone journalist Simon Michaels, popping by Bottom Dollar Publications to write up the company’s success and their big project, Minx. Doug, always looking for an angle, tries to start a fight with Joyce Prigger (Ophelia Lovibond), hoping that Simon will write a piece about their fights, which could make Minx even more famous. Also, Doug spills about plans to start Beyond, a science mag, with well-known Carl Sagan in charge. Joyce doesn’t want to get involved with Simon, so Doug redirects the journalist’s focus to Sagan.

In the meantime, Ritchie, the guy in charge of art, is super tired. While all this is going down, Constance (Elizabeth Perkins) gets more involved with Bottom Dollar’s operations. She tells Joyce to aim the magazine at women to keep advertisers happy, instead of focusing on a gay audience. There’s also a side story about Lenny and Shelly’s neighborhood dinner party, which they can’t make bigger because they don’t have enough chairs.

Doug’s merchandise is selling like hotcakes, but he’s not happy being seen as just the “merch man” at his company, especially when Joyce and Minx are stealing the spotlight. Constance’s business smarts are on full display in a chat with Tina about how much money Bottom Dollar’s magazines are making. Tina’s on top of sales records, which Constance is impressed with, but other parts of the publishing house aren’t wowing her.

She puts a stop to two magazines being published and pulls the plug on Beyond, even giving Sagan the boot. She tells Doug to focus on the moneymaking merchandise, which really ticks him off. In a surprising twist, Shelly and Lenny’s relationship turns into a swinging lifestyle. Shelly’s not happy with Lenny’s bedroom skills and a fling with Bambi nearly broke their marriage, but they find a new way to keep each other satisfied that keeps their family together.

By being cool with polyamory, they can meet each other’s needs and even pretend to be different people with different partners at dinner parties. This gets Shelly and Bambi back together, which looks like it’s going to be a regular thing. The episode also looks into Joyce’s clear fear and avoidance of Simon. Despite his real interest in writing about her success, Joyce keeps him at arm’s length because Simon’s known for writing pieces that end careers.

Her running away comes from a deep fear of failing and losing everything, an anxiety that stops her from fully owning and celebrating her success. Even as Minx gets nationwide praise, Joyce’s doubts stick around, and she’s shown as a woman haunted by the fate of other ambitious women who lost it all.

Simon finally manages to gain a bit of her trust, which leads to her realizing that it’s “okay” to be proud of what she’s done, wrapping up the episode on a reflective note. All in all, the episode is a messy mix of work relationships, personal relationships, and insights into society.

Things like ambition, success, fear of failing, exploring sexuality, and the stress of the business world are all tangled up in a complex look at the characters and their evolving lives. The shift in focus from the main storylines to side events adds depth to the story but might leave some viewers wanting a clearer look at the main drama. The small changes and added complexity in the characters, especially in the lives of Shelly, Lenny, and Joyce, keep the story of Minx going, even if it’s a bit all over the place sometimes.

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