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Minx Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: “I Thought The Bed Was Gonna Fly”

In the second episode of Season 2 of Minx, “I Thought the Bed Was Gonna Fly,” Minx starts on a new path. This part uses the controversial 1972 movie “De*p Thr*at” to start a discussion about the mainstreaming of pornography. Viewers are treated to a dazzling night, dreamlike in its nature, while hidden problems within the team start to show up.

What Happened In Minx Season 2 Episode 2?

Minx Season 2 Episode 2 Recap
Source: Minx, HBO Max

The second episode begins with Doug and Tina coming to a showing of the film “D*ep Thr*at,” which the publisher arranged to tell Los Angeles that Bottom Dollar Publications is starting again. Joyce Prigger (Ophelia Lovibond) is there, but she’s not too excited, thinking the movie isn’t right for the event. Lenny, not put off by Shelly’s unwillingness, takes her to the party, hoping to meet stars and later boast about it to his buddies. Realizing the wrong film was delivered, Doug sends Richie and Tina to a well-known Hollywood producer’s house to get the right reels.

Richie asks Tina about her decision to turn down a chance to study business in Chicago, seeing her running Bottom Dollar as the best way to understand business stuff. Tina goes back to the theater with some of the reels, telling Richie to pick up the rest when the producer’s done watching. As he waits, Richie hits it off with Kevin, the producer’s worker, and their liking each other leads to closeness.

Tina’s trip to the theater with the reels happens at the same time as Joyce gets the audience involved with quiz questions, while Shelly’s unhappiness with the movie makes her run to the restroom, with Joyce following her. The bathroom is where Joyce and Shelly meet the writer, Joan Didion. Joyce asks Didion what she thinks of “D*ep Thr*at” for Minx, and to keep chatting, she makes up a party at Bottom Dollar.

Richie’s delayed arrival with the remaining reels lets the showing go on without trouble, and Doug is praised by Constance (Elizabeth Perkins) for his knack in fixing problems. Joyce’s fame bugs Doug, and he gets more and more bothered when he finds out her office is bigger. Tina thinks about leaving Bottom Dollar Publications but thinks again when male chauvinists threaten Doug’s business, and he needs her help.

When Doug brings Bottom Dollar back, Tina’s choice is to stay, knowing that she can learn the business by being the managing editor of the magazine. Her hopes of chasing her dreams with her loved ones at Minx are thrown into doubt by Doug’s behavior on the night of the “De*p Thr*at” showing. Doug’s not having the film’s reels makes him tell Tina and Richie to go get them, ignoring Tina’s desire to enjoy the event. When Richie’s arrival with the remaining reels is late, Doug’s pressure on Tina to find him and the reels annoy her.

She starts to wonder if Doug is just using her as his “errand girl” instead of treating her as his company’s managing editor, making her quit. Tina’s finding an unplanned party at Bottom Dollar and feeling ignored sets her off, and she tells Doug to find someone else. But her quitting might be more of a snap decision than a thought-out one. Finding out that Joyce planned the party might calm her down. If Doug promises to respect her job and not treat her like just a secretary, Tina might think again about leaving her “home.”

Doug’s habit of giving out chores doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t value Tina. But he has to show her that she’s essential to Bottom Dollar and give her the freedom to lead as she sees fit. At the same time, after her close experience with Bambi, Shelly starts to question her marriage to Lenny. Knowing Lenny’s sexual weaknesses but not wanting to end their family, she puts up with the relationship.

Shelly’s fake excitement to be with him at a party hides her hope that this outing will help their connection, though this is unlikely. How long the relationship lasts depends on how long Shelly can pretend to enjoy her “other” life with Lenny. Her secret meetings with Bambi are a constant reminder of what she’s missing with her husband. If she chooses to focus on her personal happiness over family values, ignoring usual and old-fashioned ideas, the marriage with Lenny might end.

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