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Mayans MC Season 5 Finale Recap: “Slow to Bleed Fair Son”

In the coolest episode of FX’s Mayans M.C. season five, the final episode clears up all our questions. Even with all the blood and characters dropping like flies, it all somehow feels right. Check out the recap of “Slow to Bleed Fair Son” below!

What Happened In Mayans MC Season 5 Finale?

Mayans MC Season 5 Finale Recap
Source: Mayans M.C., FX Networks

Things start with EZ and Angel Reyes, the bros, at their dad Felipe’s funeral. As they’re saying their last goodbyes to their old man, the tension is crazy high. Angel and Felipe had rocky times, but things were looking up, especially after Felipe saved Angel’s kid, Maverick. In the middle of their grief, Marcus Alvarez and Miguel Galindo drop by to say their goodbyes. EZ, having figured out who’s to blame for his dad’s death, is gunning for Isaac.

Isaac isn’t really shocked when EZ shows up at a club, but he’s spooked. After a chase and some mind trick, Isaac ends up bruised and beaten on the street. Isaac begs for his life, but EZ has none of it. He fires a bullet at him and, just for kicks, takes a leak on Isaac’s body before ditching him in an alley. In the middle of all the chaos, Sofia is totally stoked because she’s got a bun in the oven with EZ. She’s got some awesome news to spill to him, but it’ll have to wait cause EZ’s got a lot on his plate.

Meanwhile, Lincoln Potter and Patricia Devlin, the Deputy Assistant Inspector General of the Division of Investigations, are in a sticky spot as the threats they were expecting don’t show up. Meanwhile, Miguel Galindo, who handed Devlin the ammo she needed to take down Potter, gets tangled up in the case. He was ready to spill the beans on Potter at a conference, but before he could get there, his wife Emily Galindo and their bodyguard, who offed Emily’s sister last season, off him.

Emily feels like she’s free at last now that her son’s with her, and she’s got the freedom to do what she wants. For the cameras, she acts like she’s innocent of the suicide. On the brighter side, Marcus Alvarez is totally loving his family life and has found some chill after his Mayans gig. And while he surprises his cousin Alvarez with a new baby, Bishop gets a surprise from the girlfriend of Creeper (Joseph Lucero), Kody, possibly giving us a new storyline for Alvarez.

The most touching moment is when EZ and Angel deep-talk about important stuff in life. Angel decides he’s out with the club life and wants to focus on bringing up Maverick solo, especially after losing their dad and feeling like Adelita ditched them. EZ’s cool with Angel’s decision and gives him the thumbs up. EZ and Angel are on cloud nine as they walk into the club meeting, but their high doesn’t last. EZ thanks the gang for everything and tells them he’ll be forever grateful.

No one seems moved by his words, but then Hank “El Tranq” Loza reveals they wanna make Nestor Oceteva a full member of the Mayans. Nestor is over the moon and stoked to finally ditch his prospective life. The guys welcome him to the tribe, and everything’s looking good. But then, out of the blue, Bishop and Gilly grab EZ, and Bishop whips out a gun on him.

He reveals that he knows EZ was working with the feds and that he ordered Creeper’s murder. Bishop asks Angel to prove he’s loyal by offing his own bro. EZ accepts his fate and tells Angel to do it. Angel reluctantly stabs EZ once and walks off. Everyone else in the place, including Gilly, Guero, and Angel, is trying to wrap their heads around what just happened.

Bishop continues the meeting like EZ’s death doesn’t mean a thing. Meanwhile, Sofia is headed to spill the beans to EZ about her pregnancy when Bottles shoots her. Coco’s daughter Letty finds Sofia’s body after hearing EZ’s dog barking. Heartbroken, she scoops up the pup and splits. The ep ends with Letty bringing the pup back to the Broken Saints, and it looks like the pup’s already making some friends.

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