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Mayans MC Season 5 Episode 9 Recap: “I Must Go in Now for the Fog Is Rising”

In episode 9 of Mayans MC season 5, viewers get a harsh peek at the brutal reality of a gangster’s life. This episode, titled “I Must Go in Now For the Fog is Rising,” is a follow-up to the storyline from the hit FX show Sons of Anarchy. This intense episode unfurls with Angelo’s dad, Felipe’s life, heartbreakingly snuffed out by the Sons of Anarchy as he tries to protect his grandson from goons.

What Happened In Mayans MC Season 5 Episode 9?

Mayans MC Season 5 Episode 9 Recap
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The episode starts with Bottles and Guero returning to town, haunted by the carnage they spotted at the Broken Saints ranch. Sensing danger, Sofia ditches quickly, leaving a puzzled EZ alone in bed. To his surprise, he finds Guero and Bottles outside his door. Felipe, who was super proud of Angel and Maverick deciding to shack up together, coached Angel on spilling the beans about their mom’s disappearance to Maverick.

Inside the torn-down kitchen at the Broken Saints ranch, EZ stumbles upon the dead guys, including the cook, Elio. Johnny Panic spills that the Sons offed two members of the Broken Saints and burned down the kitchen as part of a deal. However, EZ’s more into salvaging the ingredients for heroin production than grieving the dead, which gets him a smack from a Broken Saints club member.

Bossing the Sons of Anarchy’s San Bernardino chapter, Isaac mourns his bro Les and swears to give the Mayans a taste of their own medicine. Emily, while at the Galindo mansion, uncovers that Luis was the cause of her sister’s death. Miguel and Patricia Devlin cut a deal, agreeing that Miguel will rat out Potter in return for Emily’s and himself’s immunity.

The highlight rolls on as Patricia goes after Potter, threatening to spill his dirty laundry while knowing stuff about the bodies he’s tied to. This leads Potter to wonder if Miguel or EZ is the snitch. On a happier note, Wendy Case, played by Sons of Anarchy’s Drea de Matteo, makes a cool comeback in this episode. After EZ wipes out on his bike, Wendy sees him and offers a lift home. They dive into a deep chat about trauma and relationships, and Wendy urges EZ to break through his social walls.

She mentions her past ties with a motorcycle club in passing but keeps the rest under wraps and prods EZ to spill his guts to his girlfriend, Sofia. In the meantime, Potter ropes in Katie McNeill to help break the Mayans. As Miguel nods to Patricia’s offer, he gets a ring from her. Katie gets the blunt message that if she sides with EZ, she’s in for bad news. When EZ gets back home, he promises Sofia that he’ll stick around no matter how crazy stuff gets.

In a turn where crazy stuff happens, Isaac and the Sons crash into Angel’s place while he’s out. Felipe and Maverick boldly fight back the intruders, with Felipe eventually passing out. Angel returns home to see Felipe being carted off on a stretcher while Maverick looks on. Angel gives Maverick a tight squeeze as the coroner’s van pulls away, marking a super sad finish to the episode.

This episode indicates Felipe Reyes, EZ, and Angel’s dad, is a goner. Isaac and his Sons of Anarchy crew bust into Felipe’s pad trying to track down Angel. Felipe courageously defends his absent son and his grandson, Maverick. As stuff heats up, Felipe tries to stem his bleeding, probably from a wound during the brawl with the Sons.

When Angel returns, the sight of emergency vehicles around Felipe’s house freaks him out. Maverick is returned to him safely, but he also sees a body bag being loaded into a coroner’s van. Even though they don’t show Felipe kicking the bucket, the episode heavily hints at it. Given how things are and the super intense moment, it’s pretty likely that Felipe’s been offed. The episode wraps up on a downer, leaving viewers biting their nails as it gears up for a tear-jerking series finale.

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