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Who Is Marco Donatelli In Love Island USA? A Real Player?

The presence of Marco Donatelli in Love Island USA Season 5 will definitely make the dating experience more thrilling. Among the ten contestants on the reality show, Marco is determined to find love and emerge as the winner. Let’s get to know Marco and explore his lifestyle.

About Marco Donatelli From Love Island

Marco Donatelli From Love Island
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Marco was born on October 27th, 2000, in Youngstown, Ohio, United States. Marco has an affinity for the vibrant beach lifestyle offered by Love Island USA.

Marco has a sister named Maria. They were raised by their father, Mark, along with their mother, Maria Donatelli. Unfortunately, Maria Donatelli passed away in 2021 due to failure and liver disease caused by alcoholism.


Driven by his passion for football, Marco attended Girard High School in Trumbull County, where he excelled academically and graduated with flying colors. Continuing his journey at the University of Akron, he showcased his skills as a student-athlete playing for the Akron Zips Football team. Currently pursuing his dream of becoming a chiropractor while merging his love for sports with a desire to help others, Marco is studying Pre-Physical Therapy at Florida Atlantic University.


Despite being in his 20s, Marco already has a career history that sets him apart. Initially, Marco had dreams of pursuing a career as a football player. However, the Pandemic brought about a change in his aspirations. This challenging time proved to be influential for everyone. It redirected Marco away from the path of sports. With his appearance and towering height, it’s no surprise that he ventured into content creation and modeling.

Collaborating with his father, Marco began creating content on TikTok. It didn’t take long for them to amass millions of followers across social media platforms. As a result, Marco had the opportunity to work alongside photographers like Rock Day and secure partnerships with known brands.

According to his Instagram profile, in addition to being a creator, Marco is also an entrepreneur and a dedicated fashion influencer. He has been involved in modeling for four years since he started at 19.

Love Island’s Fans Look Him As An Indecent Dater

On Love Island USA, after sharing their kiss, Marco couldn’t contain his excitement. Happily embraced Destiny. However, things changed the following day when she chose not to engage in intimacy with him. This decision led Love Island fans to criticize Marco for pursuing people while already having a connection within the house; some even wished for his elimination.


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