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Who Is Manu Toigo From Naked And Afraid?

Manu Toigo, a known TV personality and educator from Australia, gained recognition through her participation in various reality shows like “Naked and Afraid,” “Migration,” and “Curiosity.”

About Manu Toigo From Naked And Afraid

Manu Toigo From Naked And Afraid
Source: Discovery

Manu, originally named Michelle Toigo, was born on July 21, 1969, in Queensland, Australia. She grew up in a village called Halifax, located outside Ingham. Her parents, Giovanni Toigo, and Catherine Cranston, worked as farmers in Queensland. Manu belongs to ancestry. Has four siblings.

Manu has an Instagram account which is set private, and you can also find her survival course and related information on her website here, or her Youtube channel.


At 17, she joined the Infantry Reserve Unit of the Australian Army. Served for eight years until an injury cut short her career. In 1998 Manu moved to Seattle, where she pursued education.

Career And TV Reality

Initially working as a teacher, Manu later ventured into survival-based reality television shows, which became her focus. She made her debut appearance on the show “Curiosity” in 2011. From 2012 to 2013, she hosted a program called “Ammo & Attitude.” Additionally, she had roles in projects like “Del Weston, on Film” (2014) and “Migrations” (2016). Moreover, she has also participated in projects like Spout (2009), Pullover (2011), Chugging Gone Wrong (2012), Ambrosia (2014), and more.

Manu Toigo In Naked And Afraid

Most of her fame is associated with Naked and Afraid, aired on Discovery Channel. In 2013 Manu appeared in three episodes of the show capturing the attention of 2.4 million viewers within the episode. Despite facing challenges during the 21-day survival test she managed to complete it successfully. However, towards the end of the challenge, she contracted dengue fever from a bite. Had to be admitted to the hospital three days later. Manu expressed gratitude for reaching for help since any delay could have been fatal.

Furthermore, she showcased her resilience by enduring a journey in ten episodes of Naked and Afraid XL in 2019. This particular adventure required survivalists to brave 40 days in Palawan, located in the Philippines.

Other Works

Apart from her reality TV appearances, this star actively educates children about issues through a camp initiative. Additionally, she established an organization called “Walk About for Survival” that provides tips for conservation. In November 2019, Manu released a track titled “Plastic Solution.”