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Who Is Katherine “Kat” Rose From Love Island?

Katherine “Kat” Gibson was one of the contestants on Season 4 of Love Island USA. She joined the villa on Day 12 with Nadjha as well as Jared Hassim and decided to leave on Day 22. Below are some fascinating facts about Kat, check it out!

About Katherine “Kat” Rose From Love Island

Katherine Rose From Love Island
Source: Love Island, ITV

Kat, born on February 10, 2001, comes from Manassas, Virginia. Interestingly, she used to be an ice skater. When she first arrived at the Love Island villa season, Kat had the chance to go on two dates with islanders. She chose Isaiah as her date for her course; for dessert, she picked Chazz Bryant. While viewers witnessed Kat’s date with Isaiah, we’ll have to wait and see if her connection with Chazz blossoms well.

Kat is a content creator specializing in Mukbang videos. If you’re unfamiliar, Mukbang videos are about eating shows where creators indulge in quantities of calorie-rich foods.

If you want to check out Kat’s Mukbang videos, you can find them on her YouTube channel, Katherine Rose. Kat has over 550k subscribers on her channel. She shares Get Ready with Me (GRWM) content and ASMR trigger videos. Kat explained the concept of Mukbang to Isaiah, as he had never heard of it before. He responded with enthusiasm saying, “That’s amazing!”

She Loves Pets

In addition, some interesting tidbits about Kat were shared. It was mentioned that she had actively participated in ice skating competitions for eight years. Furthermore, she owns over 20 pets, including cats, dogs, birds, fish, and hamsters.

Are Kat And Jared Still Together?

Jared and Kat’s onscreen journey was the shortest among all the couples featured in this list. Soon after discovering their affection, they had to bid farewell and leave the island.

However, at the reunion, they surprised everyone by revealing that they were still, in a relationship since their departure, from the competition. Regrettably, their relationship didn’t stand the test of time. In September, Kat took to Instagram to share that she and Jared decided to end their relationship to prioritize their growth.


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