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Who Plays Joyce Prigger In Minx? Meet Ophelia Lovibond

Joyce Prigger is the central figure of HBO Max’s ‘Minx,’ and she’s a character full of complexities. A strong advocate for women’s rights, Joyce’s staunch principles have both propelled and restricted her in the fictional world of an erotic magazine geared towards women. While her rigid ideals might make her a bit difficult to warm to, her evolution in recognizing the value of others adds depth to her character. As the series unfolds, Joyce transforms into a lively presence in this 1970s-inspired comedic show, setting the stage for an intriguing journey. Joyce is played by the actress Ophelia Lovibond.

Meet Ophelia Lovibond As Joyce Prigger In Minx

Ophelia Lovibond As Joyce Prigger In Minx
Source: Minx, HBO Max

Born on February 19, 1986, Ophelia Lucy Lovibond, known affectionately as Fifi, is a talented English actress. Raised in Shepherd’s Bush, London, in a household led by her single mother, who worked at Wormwood Scrubs Prison as a Chartered Psychologist, Ophelia faced her parents’ separation at a tender age. Her family includes a brother and a sister, and there is no information regarding her father.


Ophelia’s educational journey began at Latymer Upper School, where she studied on a scholarship. Besides academics, she also joined the Young Blood theatre company in Hammersmith. After high school, she pursued English Literature at the University of Sussex, graduating in 2008.

Personal Life

Recently, Ophelia Lovibond tied the knot with her seven-year partner, Henry Pettigrew, in a heartwarming London ceremony. Although rumored to have been involved with British actor Tom Hughes, this relationship remained unconfirmed.

Social Media

Ophelia maintains an engaging presence on Instagram, sharing glimpses of her daily life and work with a following of over 75k followers.

Career, Movies, And TV Shows

Lovibond’s acting journey started young, with her first television role at age 12 in ITV’s sitcom ‘The Wilsons.’ Interestingly, she auditioned for this part, pretending to be 14. Her notable appearances include roles in ‘WIA,’ ‘Elementary,’ and the James Gunn-directed ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ Her film credits extend to ‘Oliver Twist,’ ‘Nowhere Boy,’ ‘London Boulevard,’ ‘No Strings Attached,’ ‘Mr. Popper’s Penguins,’ and a foretelling scene in ‘Thor: The Dark World.’

One of her standout roles was in ‘Titanic: Blood & Steel,’ a miniseries depicting the construction of the infamous ship. Her character, Kitty Carlton, adds drama through a controversial marriage and a transformation into a performer.

In her latest endeavor, Ophelia returns to the screen in the HBO comedy ‘Minx,’ captivating audiences once again as Joyce Prigger, adding layers of depth to this vibrant and complicated character. Her portrayal is not only a testament to her versatile talent but also her dedication to portraying complex and compelling female figures in entertainment.