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Who Is Jeff Zausch From Naked And Afraid?

Jeff Zausch is a well-known star in the realm of survival reality television. He has earned his reputation as a “master of conditions” through his appearances on shows like “Naked and Afraid” and “Naked and Afraid XL.” With a spirit and fearlessness, Jeff has demonstrated his ability to navigate environments and conquer formidable obstacles.

Who Is Jeff Zausch From Naked And Afraid?

Jeff Zausch From Naked And Afraid
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Born on June 5, 1987, Jeff Zausch hails from Pocatello, Idaho. Growing up amidst the beauty of the Idaho Rockies, he developed a profound affinity for the outdoors and spent much of his formative years immersing himself in nature’s embrace.

Personal Life

Jeff was previously married to Gabrielle Balassone, who held the title of Miss Idaho USA at one point. They exchanged vows in 2013. Eventually went their separate ways through a divorce. Jeff is currently in a relationship with Erin Munoz, a musician from Florida. He occasionally shares snapshots featuring Erin on his social media platform, Instagram.


Having completed his education at Highland High School in 2003. After completing his education at Idaho State University, he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Earth and Environmental Sciences specializing in information systems (GIS) and Ecology.


Zausch works as a GIS specialist and is recognized as a Master Environmentalist. He currently holds the business development executive position at EagleView Technologies, and a company focused on providing imagery and data analytics. Additionally, Zausch has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry as both a television host and producer on the reality show “Dual Survival,” aired on the Discovery Channel.

Jeff Zausch In Naked And Afraid


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Although his official job title is Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist, Zausch gained fame through his participation in survival-based reality shows.

Known for his skills as a survivalist, he has showcased his abilities on Discovery Channel programs such as Naked and Afraid, Naked and Afraid; Savage, Dual Survival, Naked After Dark, Naked and Afraid XL and Naked and Afraid; One Standing. Furthermore, Zausch made an appearance on Snake in The Grass aired on USA Network during its premiere in 2022.