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Who Is Jared Hassim From Love Island?

Jared Hassim participated in Season 4 of Love Island USA as one of the Islanders. He joined the villa on Day 12, along with Nadjha and Kat, but unfortunately, he left the island on Day 22. Although Jared was dumped from the island, Katherine “Kat” chose to leave in order to pursue their relationship.

After their departure, Jared had a conversation with After the Island and shared that they had become “acquainted” with his family.

About Jared From Love Island

Jared Hassim From Love Island
Source: Love Island, ITV

Jared Hassim was born in December 1998 in Los Angeles, California. He completed his education at Santa Monica College and later pursued a BA in General and Communications at Santa Barbara City College. Additionally, Jared holds a Communication and Media Studies degree from UC Santa Barbara.


Jared is a photographer, graphic designer, and doodle artist. According to his LinkedIn page, he has worked as a cashier at South Coast Deli for over two years. Before that, he worked as a food runner at UC Santa Barbara. In 2018, he also worked as a host at The Mar Vista. Previously held the position of Sales Representative at HoneyVape.

Are Jared And Kat Still Together?

Jared Hassim was born in December 1998 in Los Angeles, California. Among all the couples featured on this list, Jared and Kat had time together onscreen. Just as they discovered their feelings for each other, they swiftly packed their bags. Left the island. However, during the reunion, they revealed that they had been dating since their departure from the competition.

Regrettably, their relationship didn’t last long. In September, Kat shared through an Instagram story that she and Jared decided to break up in order to focus on themselves.