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‘Invasion’ Season 2 Filming Locations

Apple TV+ series “Invasion” has resonated deeply with viewers, leading to the announcement of a second season even before the conclusion of the first. This unique rendition of an alien invasion story is told from the perspective of everyday individuals scattered around the world. It’s a gripping exploration of characters, skillfully weaving action-packed sequences with an emphasis on human feelings and responses. As the anticipation for the second season builds, promising even more thrilling adventures, fans are buzzing with eagerness. But a question arises: where was “Invasion” Season 2 filmed?

‘Invasion’ Season 2 Filming Locations

'Invasion' Season 2 Filming Locations
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In early December, Apple made public the renewal of the series. Crafted, penned, and executive produced by Simon Kinberg and David Weil, the show spans several continents, portraying an alien invasion from diverse viewpoints worldwide.

The second season of Apple’s series, “Invasion,” has settled into pre-production at a gleaming new studio in the UK, with a five-month filming schedule divided between the UK and South Africa.

United Kingdom

The initial eleven weeks of shooting are scheduled at OMA:X Film Studios in Enfield, North London. This facility is London’s largest, encompassing 3,000 square feet of soundproofed, adaptable stage space, along with production offices and auxiliary areas. Situated a mere 750 meters from OMA Film Studios, it has been a choice location for productions like “Peaky Blinders.”

Another filming spot in the UK is the renowned White Cliffs of Dover, a familiar sight to film teams. Additional locations include the Upper Road in Dover and the entrance to the Eurotunnel terminal in Folkestone. This 31-mile rail tunnel, connecting Folkestone to Europe, is easily recognizable in the show.

South Africa

Reports indicate that a significant portion of the filming was conducted in South Africa, a location that likely served as the backdrop for various global scenes in the series. South Africa has emerged as a favored destination for many filmmakers, owing to its versatility in mimicking other regions and offering all necessary facilities. The location is also financially appealing to production companies, with reduced production expenses and enticing governmental incentives.