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‘Invasion’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: “Chasing Ghosts”

In Season 2, Episode 2 of Invasion, we learn what’s been going on in Trevante and Jamila’s lives after seeing what happened to Aneesha Malik and Mitsuki Yamato in the previous episode.

Trevante, Jamila, and Casper had survived a brush with death, and the experience had left a big mark on them. They tried several times to put it out of their minds and go on with their lives, but couldn’t make it work. Find out whether Jamila and Trevante get into any form of problem in the second episode.

What Happened In ‘Invasion’ Season 2 Episode 2?

‘Invasion’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: "Chasing Ghosts"
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Caspar, who had supposedly perished defending humanity from extraterrestrial invaders, makes his presence known to Jamila Huston in the opening moments of Episode 2, “Chasing Ghosts.” Jamila begins a crazy search for Caspar before remembering that she is simply dreaming.

Jamila tells her mother about her dreams at home in Wellingborough, England. She manages to persuade her mother that Caspar helped put an end to the roles and that her pal is still alive. Jamila’s mother, though, is certain that Caspar must be dead.

Trevante Cole, who helped Caspar and Jamila during their fight against the aliens, is now living in Florida with his sister’s family. When asked about the chances of humans winning against the aliens, Trevante does not look good.

Trevante’s nephew, Jordan, almost drowns after falling into the pool during a party. Jordan is saved by Trevante, but he explodes, confirming Jordan’s biggest fears about an extraterrestrial invasion. Trevante goes on a quick shopping later but first uses the internet at a cyber center to learn more about the aliens’ convulsions.

Meanwhile, Jamila learns that the aliens have wrecked safe areas outside London, turning the air there bad in the process. After hearing the story of the red moon from a homeless guy taking supplies for his family, Jamila lets him go. Trevante and his sister had a fight when he arrived home.

Despite the chance of extraterrestrial invasion, Trevante’s sister insists that most people just want to spend time with their loved ones at home. She thinks Trevante’s fight, though, is outside the neighborhood. So, she begs Trevante to take up arms, and the fight is always on his mind.

Jamila, meanwhile, goes beyond the safe area in her search for Caspar. In a note to her mother, she writes that finding Caspar may be humanity’s only hope against the invaders. In the midst of her journey across the wasteland, Jamila is stopped by two soldiers. The troops tell her the hospital she’s looking for is no longer in operation.

In addition, she is harmed by the bad local air. When the troops arrive to take Jamila to a safe place, she runs away and makes her journey across the wastes on her own. Trevante is still looking for info about Caspar’s seizures and swirly sketches online.

Eventually, Trevante’s digging leads him to McCurtain County in Oklahoma, where a spiral quite similar to the sketches was found. As a result, Trevante leaves Florida and heads to Oklahoma, trying to find more info. However, Jamila’s search for Caspar ends in futility when she visits the hospital only to learn that Caspar no longer works there.

Trevante seems to have a chat with Caspar, who is still alive but nursing his wounds. Trevante finds that McCurtain County is well-guarded and fortified after landing there. Trevante disguises himself as an army soldier and sneaks inside the facility by drawing on his experience in the armed forces.

However, the soldiers discover Trevante’s lying and take him into custody because of it. Trevante, who has been imprisoned, tries to find an out. Caspar may be in danger, and Jamila finds an important hint that may help her locate him.

After having a bunch of bad dreams and visions about Caspar being in danger, Jamila begins her search for him in this episode. When the things she saw in her visions begin to come true, she is certain that Caspar is trying to contact her. This motivates Jamila to go out into the dark alone in search of Caspar.

In the end, Jamila learns that Caspar has been transferred to another hospital in Paris, France. But she can’t go from London to Paris since she doesn’t have a plane ticket. After making a pit break, she visits the refugee camp, where she runs into Alfie and Darwin.

Alfie and Darwin debate whether or not to help Jamila look for Caspar but decide to do so. The search for a ride brings the gang to a fancy house. They see a number of vehicles in the parking lot and try to steal one. The house’s owners switch places after an accident involving Alfie and Darwin that sets off the car alarm.

When Jamila arrives at Montgomery “Monty” Cuttermill’s place, she is taken aback since he was the class bully who tormented Caspar. To wait for their parents’ return, Jamila finds out that Monty and his younger sister Penny have holed up in the mansion.

However, Jamila persuades Monty and Penny that staying in the risky area is not in their best interests and invites them to join the gang on their trip to Paris. Since Monty’s dad owns a Paris flat, he offers to drive everyone there. Jamila, Monty, Penny, Alfie, and Darwin leave England to go to France in search of Caspar at the end of the episode.

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