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Invasion Season 2 Episode 2 Preview: 5 Biggest Questions in “Chasing Ghosts”

In the previous episode, “Something’s Changed,” we were taken on a journey into the consequences of the extraterrestrial invasion, focusing on the main characters’ lives. The world is now wrestling with an alien menace, and the episode takes us into the lives of Anisha Malik and her family, Mitsuki Yamato’s battle with the invaders, and the enigmatic events involving characters we thought were gone. The forthcoming episode, “Chasing Ghosts,” teases the unraveling of more secrets and fresh turns in the plot. Check out the preview of Invasion Season 2 Episode 2 below!

Look Back: Invasion “Something’s Changed”

In the episode “Something’s Changed,” Anisha Malik, along with her children Luke and Sarah, are navigating a world that’s been turned upside down. They’re scavenging for supplies and eventually cross paths with a military convoy. Though captured, they find salvation in a rebel group known as the Movement.

Meanwhile, Mitsuki Yamato finds herself in the Amazon forest near a crashed alien vessel. Subjected to mental examinations, she ventures into the ship’s core to converse with a confined alien being. The episode concludes with Mitsuki forming a unique bond with the alien while Anisha’s enigmatic alien claw begins to respond.

Invasion Season 2 Episode 2 Preview

Invasion Season 2 Episode 2 Preview
Source: Invasion, Apple TV+

The upcoming episode, “Chasing Ghosts,” is set to dig deeper into the mysteries of the alien invasion. Mitsuki, now connected with the alien entity, may uncover the true purpose of the aliens. Her use of David Bowie’s song to engage the alien hints that music might become a central theme in communicating with these otherworldly beings.

Anisha Malik’s family, now part of the Movement, may become vital in humanity’s struggle against the aliens. Anisha’s alien claw could be a pivotal tool in understanding or even battling alien technology. However, the Movement’s own motives might place the Maliks in a dangerous position.

The episode may also explore a shared consciousness between aliens and humans, as suggested by the reactions in Caspar’s brain and the alien energy’s response to Mitsuki’s music. Characters like Hinata and Caspar, previously thought to be dead, might still exist within the alien’s collective mind.

5 Biggest Questions

  1. Mitsuki’s Communication with Aliens: Will she continue to use music to converse with the aliens, and what secrets might she reveal about their intentions?
  2. Anisha’s Alien Claw: Is it a weapon or a tool for understanding the aliens? How might it influence the Malik family’s path?
  3. The Movement’s True Intentions: Are they genuine rebels, or is there a darker, hidden purpose? Are they interested in Anisha’s alien claw?
  4. The Real Nature of the Invasion: Is it a destructive force or a transformative one? Are the aliens merging their consciousness with humans?
  5. The Return of Hinata and Caspar: Will they physically return or communicate through the alien hive mind? Could they possess new abilities or insights?

Release Date & Where to Watch:

The next episode, “Chasing Ghosts,” is scheduled for release on Apple TV+ on Wednesday, August 30th, 2023, at 12 a.m. PT.

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